Saturday, July 07, 2012

Married with ADHD

So I'm starting my own social media company.  I've been tootling along, trusting my partner to make the more major business decisions for us, until suddenly he decided to dump me via text and left me with everything we'd built so far.  I'm SUPER stressed by all the work I have to do and, let's face it, I've led a life of pretty low expectations and am not used to making major decisions.

One of the many things I trusted my partner to do was file our LLC paperwork, which he said he did, several weeks ago.  The day after he dumped me I got on the phone with the secretary of state's office to find out the status of our paperwork and they had absolutely no sign of it.  I called a friend who owns several small businesses and he said there's no way my partner filed anything because it would at least be online by now.  He also advised me to file as an S Corp because of the lower tax burden.  So, I emailed my partner and asked him to cancel the check he allegedly sent in so I could re-file the paperwork under my name only.

I started seriously researching the benefits of filing as an LLC vs. an S Corp this morning.   Researching is not something I do well.  I drink vodka, spend money, make pecan pie, and reorganize refrigerators well.  I do not do research well.  After reading everything I could read and giving it some serious thought, I made my decision.

Me:  "Okay, I decided to file as an LLC over an S Corp for my business.  More taxes, but I'm not willing to do all the work that goes into an S Corp."
Drew:  "Sounds good.  I found some accounting software.  Here's the link.  Also, I think we should upgrade our internet to business class."
Me:  "Honey, I can make one major decision per week, please don't overwhelm me."
Drew:  "Those aren't really major decisions."

That's where I cracked.

Me:  "Fine!  I'm also gonna paint the living room, hang a ceiling fan in the kitchen, shave my head, and get a tattoo!  Wanna have another baby?  Sell all our belongings and move into a yurt in Colorado?  Let's change Ace's name to Balthazar!"
Drew:  "Stop."
Me:  "Fine.  But if the next decision you ask me to make involves anything but wine or vodka, I'm going to literally kill you."


Andrew Spiehler said...

And yet, here I type. Happy endings all around. ;)

Thiruppathy Raja said...

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