Sunday, November 27, 2011

I ruin a moment.

I'm totally hooked on Sister Wives, not gonna lie. I don't know why - something about the different culture, the chaos, maybe my obvious girl-crush on Christine.

I sat down to watch tonight's episode and graciously offered to let Drew watch with me. How could he resist? Tonight's the episode in which Robyn gives birth. Compelling television, folks. He sat down and pretended he was interested in a book on his Kindle app.

Robyn grunts and moans her way through an all-natural home birth, and Kody pulls the baby out and holds him up. The baby, of course, is covered in all kinds of fluids. Kody lays the baby on Robyn's chest.

I, horrified, yelled "F*** that s***, clean that s*** off, don't let that thing touch me!" Like, it had blood and fluid and WHO KNOWS what else all over it. Yyyyyyuck.

Drew hung his head down low, shook it in disbelief, and said "I love when you show your maternal side like this."

What can I say. Like, I'm sure it was one of the happiest moments of Robyn's life, but I'm pretty sure I'd at least want some Brawny paper towels on my chest before a gooey newborn is plopped down on it.


Crawdaddy79 said...

I guess the next step is grabbing the placenta and putting it between two slices of buttered, toasted bread.

Allison said...

ROFL at the post AND the previous comment!!!!