Saturday, October 03, 2009

To move?

So, Ace will be graduating from The Little Light House next year, and I have no idea what to do with him. When he started there, our plan was to wait until he graduated then Drew would start trying to find a job in south Louisiana so we could move back there.

Now that the reality is upon us, I can't even fathom it.

My two best friends live in the New Orleans metro area. I love New Orleans with all my heart. I love Louisiana, it just feels like HOME to me more than anywhere else I've ever lived. I think Ace's needs would be better suited in Louisiana (wayyyyy more doctors in the New Orleans metro). My oldest friends live in Louisiana - people I've known so long that they feel like family.

But Mississippi... I have a LOT of friends here. A couple of weeks ago, I sent a message to all of my local friends on Facebook and came up with over 100 people. That's almost half my friends list! I keep making more and more friends and establishing more and more roots here.

Not to mention my parents live an hour and a half away. My sister and niece live an hour away. My brother lives an hour and a half away. In reality, where we would be living in Louisiana would only be about 2 hours away from my parents, but it's still farther away from them than I want to be. Plus, my mom works in the Jackson metro and keeps an apartment up here during the week, so she sees Ace about once a week. If we moved to Louisiana, she'd see him maybe once a month. Ace LOVES his Granny and PawPaw.

This is gonna be a BIG one to pray about. I can't imagine being away from some of y'all, moving, building a new house, starting my life over AGAIN, finding new friends AGAIN, losing touch with some of my friends here. I won't name names, but y'all read my blog and know who you are, and some of y'all represent the most genuine friendships I've ever had in my life. How can I leave you behind?

Oooh-wee. Big decisions.


Watercolor said...

Hugs and prayers.

HEATHER said...

Your family is my prayers every night.

RhondaLue said...

Aww man, tough choices!

Forget both of them and move to Az. J/K.

Good luck-hopefully you'll get answers that feel right to you so you feel good about the move or not moving. :)

Mommy said...

Well, one things for sure, you'd still have me!! lol!

Seriously though, I know (we all know) that your number 1 priority is Ace and his health. It's true that the health care would be so much better for him in Louisiana. That alone, would be the deciding factor for me. As far as the friends you've made, don't believe for one second that you aren't cool enough for them to come to visit you. And don't believe or one second that you aren't cool enough to make 100 more friends in Louisiana!! With all of that said, though, moving your family is a big decision and I'll pray for God to guide you in making the right decision. (((HUGS)))

Sharon said...

Good Luck with the decision!
Either way, I still got ya. ;) (as long as I read your blog and FB updates, LOL)

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Aaack. This is a tough one.

Selfishly, I want you to stay!

But if you decide to move, I will help you pack. If you feed me.

Allison said...

Man - I almost started crying when I read this. =(

i'm black betty said...

you pray...and then you pray some more. we love you so much, but you go where you have to go. your family comes first...and ace's health and well being is top priority.

would i miss you? wow...does a dog lick his balls? i would...just a LITTLE bit.

love you. mean it.

p.s. thanks for the salsa. you ROCK!

Jen said...

I second Black Betty. Seriously. Ace and your family are priority #1...

Would you be missed, well hell yea most certainly you ALL would. But I would understand and you know, if you came HERE to visit, I'd probably see ya more :) hehe

when I get my butt working in Jackson again, um you+ME=LUNCH!!!


Shane said...

I highly suggest that drew needs out of forest!
He needs some real software development, and get away from the maintenance crap and the horrible approval process. Find a job where they trust him to be the software developer he is.