Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who DOES that?

Scene: Sesame Street Live, table
Time: August 30th, 2009

NICOLE and STACEY set up their table, trying to sign people up for the website by giving out free tote bags. Business is a-boomin'.

Enter CRAZY GRANDMA, POOR CHILD. CRAZY GRANDMA is at the entrance to the restroom, near where NICOLE and STACEY have set up shop.

STACEY accidentally makes eye contact with CRAZY GRANDMA.

CRAZY GRANDMA: "Can you please watch him for a second while I go in here?"
STACEY: "Uhhh."
CRAZY GRANDMA: "He won't go in with me."
STACEY: "Uhhhh."
CRAZY GRANDMA: "I'll be right back."
STACEY: "Yeah, I'm not really comf-"

Exit CRAZY GRANDMA. POOR CHILD remains at the entrance of the restroom.

NICOLE turns to STACEY. "What happened?"
STACEY: "Apparently, we're supposed to watch this kid while his grandma goes to the bathroom."
NICOLE: "Whaaaat."

OTHER WOMEN look at NICOLE and STACEY expectantly, hoping they'll deliver on their sign's promise of a free tote bag. POOR CHILD stares into restroom, looking scared.

NICOLE and STACEY: " is a social" look at POOR CHILD "networking website for moms in the" look at POOR CHILD "Jackson area. We have" look at POOR CHILD "giveaways, contests, a message board" look at POOR CHILD "and it's totally free." look at POOR CHILD. "All you have to" look at POOR CHILD "do is sign up for the web" look at POOR CHILD "site and we'll give you a free tote bag today."

Enter CRAZY GRANDMA to take the child away. STACEY and NICOLE give her a stink eye that could melt her wig, then proceed to tell OTHER WOMEN what happened. OTHER WOMEN join in the festival of stink eye.



i'm black betty said...

oh my...

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Dude, this made me laugh. Soooo wrong, and I was even THERE.