Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gonna have to find a new favorite restaurant.

(This is today's second post. Are y'all shocked?)

I have taught my child the following:
How to count from 1-20
"Jesus Loves Me"
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
How to spell Ace, Dada, Mama, Granny, Paw Paw, Elmo.

Shoot, thanks to The Little Einsteins, which is one of the only shows I let him watch because of the LOADS of educational value, he can da-da-da his way through part of The Nutcracker Suite.

Oh, and this one time, I lost my cool with one of my cats, and said "you're pissing me off," right in front of Ace.

I have clearly taught my son many things. Guess which one he decided to shout while we were eating at Newk's tonight?

Also, we read him a story in which there is a character named "Boof." Saying "boof" is a guaranteed laugh out of Ace, so to distract him from whatever was pissing him off, we shoved a few chips in his mouth and said "Boof!" He laughed.

Then, for some unknown reason, Drew decided to say "Foob!" I didn't hear "foob," I heard "boob." Well, so did Ace.

Guess what he started shouting, over and over again?


Jen said...

omg...I am laughing my tail off!!!! :)

Watercolor said...


Susan said...

That's hysterical! I bet over half the mom's in there have been through the same thing. I keep telling Greg, "Ok, I'm going to have to quit saying ____ after Tot's born..." HA! I've started "covering her ears" when Greg plays video games!

i'm black betty said...

kids...gotta love 'em!!! :D

shiksa said...

Oh dear. least he likes the Nutcracker Suite?

Kayra said...

I love Ace! That's just too funny, only because it has been happening to me lately, x 2.

Jo said...

LOLOL! Once, before I had children of my own, I had taken my nieces shopping. The youngest was about 3. We went for pizza. When she was the waiter coming through the kitchen doors she stood up and screamed, "My pee pee's coming! My pee pee's coming!" So I loudly said, "You're right! Your PIZZA is coming!" LOLOL!!!!