Monday, August 17, 2009

break my heart, why don't ya.

It's Ace's first day of school.

I know he loves school, loves his teachers, loves playing with his friends, loves everything about school. I also know that he'll get over the first day jitters pretty quickly. Still, I can't be prepared when he does something like this:

Instead of going to comfort my child, I took a picture of his anxiety and fear for eternal documentation. Right after this, a new kid in the class hollered, and Ace lost it. Since I am mother of the year, I walked out.

(Really, he was over it in about 20 seconds, and laughing with the volunteer. He's fine. He does this at physical therapy every single Friday too - SCREAMS on the way in, but as soon as the door is closed I can hear him laughing.)

I have gotten so much done this morning, but I really kinda miss my kid. Despite his CONSTANT chatter, he's really quite fun to be around. I wish I could've done more with him during his summer break, but potty training wasn't as snappy as I'd expected. He did swimmingly well, and they'll continue with him at school, but I expected he'd be sporting his Speed Racer drawers and be done with diapers by now. No biggie. As we sat at McAllister's yesterday eating lunch and he said "can I go peepee on the potty," I said "go in your diaper" and realized that diapers > public bathrooms.

I did let him go in a public bathroom on Friday though, and realized too late that his penis had gotten stuck between his leg and the toilet and he wound up whizzing all over the floor. It took lots and lots and lots of wafer-thin toilet paper to clean that up. That's why you don't set your purse on the floor in public bathrooms, ladies.

Ace's MRI is tomorrow afternoon, just in case I created any confusion with my last, whiny post. I have to figure out if I want to let him sleep in (which he'll do till 10 on any given day) and not eat, or get him up at 7 and feed him, since he can't eat after 8, and the MRI isn't till 2. I'm leaning toward feeding him in the morning, although it'll start his metabolism. Either way, he's gonna be dang hungry by 2.

Y'all have a wonderful week.


Watercolor said...

From someone who worked as a nanny one summer, the longer you stick around, the longer he screams, the more miserable EVERYONE is. They all do it at some point. The key is that he's fine a few seconds later which shows he's ok. Just a little drama to see if momma will give in. ;) Heart breaking though for sure. Just wait til he doesn't do it at all. That seemed to get the moms the most.

Jo said...

I agree with Watercolor... yup.... they just put on a show for Momma.... as soon as you are out of sight they are fine. At least most of the time... and YOU know that Ace is one of those kids :)

You are a great Momma!!


Sharon said...

Crack me up!
We've resorted to peeing in an empty cup to public bathrooms at times. Sure makes having a boy easier.

Happy back-to-schooling for Ace! I'd miss him, too. ;)

i'm black betty said...

i do the same thing with diva...i just walk away. you're not a bad mother. you're a GREAT mother, damnit!!! :D

good luck tomorrow. y'all will be in my prayers.

love you. mean it.

Laurie said...

When mine were too small to "cleanly" pee in the public toilet, we would go into a stall and have them pee into a diaper (these were boys, lol!) They wore regular undies, and I just carried the little diapers around to pee into - like a little mini-portapottie!

mrs. misenar said...

jude starts school in about a week. he does the same thing on the 1st day!