Thursday, August 06, 2009

I used to be a funny blogger.

Y'all remember when I used to be funny? Generated lots of lols. Got tons of hits every day. Then I got all serious. I'm still funny on Twitter and Facebook though, I swear, so it's not totally gone. But all I do here is whine.


I have been concerned for some time about the frequency with which Ace gets fevers. I brought it up to his doctor. She sent us to a pediatric endocrinologist. Y'all remember how that went. So she set us up with another endocrinologist, who we are not supposed to see till October. In the meantime, Ace got another fever, with virtually no other symptoms. I took him to the doctor, who said "hmm, lemme call the endocrinologist and see what he thinks." The endocrinologist ordered some blood tests. Ace got the blood tests on Monday.

Yesterday, I called my pediatrician to see if the results were back yet. She said that his cortisol levels were low, but she doesn't know what that means, and she was going to call the endocrinologist to find out what he wanted to do with the results, and she'd call me back today.

I called today and left a message that I noticed that Ace has been falling a LOT more than usual lately, and asked if that may be related in some way to the cortisol levels. She called me back and said she hadn't yet heard from the endocrinologist, but his pediatrician wants him to have an MRI to see if anything has changed since the last MRI.

I can't link since I'm on my phone, but Ace's last MRI was a complete nightmare.

She called again to say that the nurse at the endocrinologist's office had received the results, and was going to pass them along to the endocrinologist.

So now I still have no damn answers, and my baby has to have another MRI. He has to be put completely under for an MRI. The appointment is at 2, which means he can't eat after 8. It's also on his 2nd day of school, so he'll have to miss that day. CRAP.

Also, my stepmom called me last night and told me that my niece has MRSA. Naturally I googled it, saw that it's a staph infection that's resistant to antibiotics, and then I read that it can be fatal, and I stopped googling.

I am stressed out. I am really stressed out.


Nicole Bradshaw said...

Oh, sugar, I'm so sorry. Sounds like all you can do for now, though, is love on your baby, hang on, and hang in.

And stay away from Google.

Waterfall said...

I'm so sorry. You and Ace are in my prayers. I can't imagine the stress. Hang in there.

Dr. Wifey said...

i can totally understand why you are stressed out. prayers for you and Ace *hugs*

HEATHER said...

Oh honey, know that you & ACE are in my prayers. Poor lil bit! I hate that he is falling and having to have an MRI. I really hope that the falling & fevers are from ear infections brought on by teething and nothing more serious. (((HUGS)))

Jo said...

Big Hugs to you!!! And Ace!!!

My BFF had a kid in her school who has MRSA... he was fine. I'm sure Betlee (sp?) will be fine too :)

I know that doesn't help your stress level AT ALL!!! Wish there was something I COULD do.

My word verf is: dessatio -- amount of dessert compared to dinner. (deh say she oh)

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

When I ask for intentions at Family Rosary Time, the girls pipe up, "ACE! Has his mom said if he's gotten those blood test results yet?" ;)

You're at the top of our intentions list, honey. (That's a plural you. I should use the Bronxese "youse" for that, actually.)

Youse guys are in our prayers. :)

tank said...

Prayers for you all Stacey.

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness.
I'm sitting here with goosebumps. I'm sorry.

Big time prayers.

i'm black betty said...

stressed? i think you would be more than stressed from this shit. i would be!!! geezy, creezy...

oh, honey. i'm just so sorry. please remember that you are in my prayers. poor little guy...

love you. mean it.

Margaret said...

Pats Mama. Keep us updated.

Erin Steele (previously Domeyer) said...

I get really sick of doctors and the ring around thr rosy game we have to play with them to get anything done and done right. I am hoping everything is fine with Ace and that it is all figured out soon. I can't imagine how much stress it puts you under wondering what might be?? Have faith...also MRSA is dangerous but i have known many people with it that do just fine. We will keep you and all your family in my prayers.

Allison said...

Oh Stacey! Please let me know if there's anything I can do. I'm praying for Ace AND you!

Katy said...

Hmmmm. . . I'd reschedule the MRI to a time that's better for you.

My brother got a staph thingy on his face. They gave him a cream and it cleared up in a day.

Sounds like you are stressed out, but really, Ace is doing wonderfully and while I'm sure you want answers NOW, he doesn't appear to be wasting away, so it's OK if things take a little time.

mom2ryanjakejazandcecilia said...

It's a little known fact that over 70% of the population has MRSA and doesn't know it cuz they just haven't been tested yet. Hope that helps a little.

Sherry said...

I am so sorry hon. No matter what you think of me, you and Ace and your husband have always been in my prayers. I could not have dealt with what you are dealing with. My daughter was autistic, but physically healthy. Except for the brief time she nearly died of H Influenza Meningitis.

God will continue to give you strength to deal with this. You know that. You have all the prayers of so many of us who love you and Ace. Take care, and even if you don't want to, give Ace a kiss from his great-aunt Sherry. I love you. And him.

RhondaLue said...

MRSA is a {insert B word here)

yikes. I say wake him up, eat till he's stuffed like a pig, then go someplace like the park, where there's no food, till it's time for your appt.

I hope he does well with it. I used to get pissed everytime I'd see a "normal" kid goin' through his day not having to do MRI's and lung biopsies, and trachea surgeries, and..well you get the hint. It stinks as a mom to have to deal with all this stuff because we hate for our babies to go through it. Wouldn't wish it on anyone but it'd make me pissed that my kid had to suffer :(

And not to burst your bubble or anything but you're still funny on the blog.

See-------> LOL! LOL! (and I'm totally laughing at a DIFFERENT post, not this one...cuz MRI's and fevers and endocrinologists just ain't funny.)

Jen said...

I get it..seems all of us are going through stressful things right now. You are still funny. :) You still make me laugh and it's ok to be down a little.

Yall are in my prayers. Keep us posted on the little one.