Monday, May 25, 2009

been a while...

Well, here are my Biloxi pictures. Some of 'em. I can't be bothered to format this very much, just wanted to put 'em up here for y'all to see. The captions are under the pictures, and full size can be found here.

Looking through the branches of the Friendship Oak on USM's Gulf Coast campus. The Friendship Oak is a 500-year-old, HUGE tree.

Abandoned lot in Long Beach. Highway 90 was just depressing, 4 years later.

Dangerous pier. Still lots of damage down there. I couldn't believe it.

I don't even know what this was. An abandoned lot, with tiles still solidly in place. I think Katrina blew away a no-tell motel or something. Maybe a very tiny office building.

Beautiful beaches.

You would have to see this to believe it - an artist on the Coast saw an opportunity to create art out of sadness. Whoever the artist(s) is (are), they carved animals into dead oak trees, then sealed them. They're absolutely fascinating. I took a bunch of pictures.

Another oak tree sculpture.

The dead among the living.

My kingdom for a hammock...

Treet. Heh.

Yay for oblique angles! Some boat that'd washed up on the beach. Guess nobody cared about it enough to get it back.

Long walk.

More footprints. I like this picture.

Confederate Veterans' Cemetery, Beauvoir

Dead palm tree on the beach.

I put them back on after I saw broken glass and a condom. But hey, pink flip flops, they're kinda my thing.

Abandoned marina.


Rob the Webkahunah said...

so glad you found those tree sculptures I mentioned. Great pics, toots!

Bird said...

So many great pictures here

Kayra said...

Great pictures. I have been to the coast but haven't been able to drive along Hwy 90. I'm just not ready yet, I guess.

Crystal said...

Great pictures. The friendship oak is really cool, some friends of mine got married there about 5 years ago.

i'm black betty said...

those are great. i love the ones with the animals carved into the trees. too cool.

Erin Steele (previously Domeyer) said...

you took som ewonderful pictures. I think your right you do have a great eye for photography!!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

These are beautiful! Looks like you are learning all about your new camera!

RhondaLue said...

you are QUITE the photographer. SERIOUSLY! WOW!