Sunday, May 24, 2009

Avert your eyes, my earth-loving friends. Ace has been playing with our kitchen faucet for a solid 45 minutes now. You know those days where you'd rather have an easy-parenting day than a responsible-parenting day? Well, today is that day, friends.

Still, as soon as I am finished with this load of laundry, I'll redeem myself by taking him outside to swing. I don't think that'll redeem my water bill, though.


What?! said...

Is he being quiet? Then it's worth every minute of sanity!

Sharon said...

I applaud you. :)
Probably because I have MANY days like that.

Watercolor said...

eh, no worse than a slippy slide or a sprinkler to play in, right? :) Have fun on the swings!

Mrs.H said...

do you have a sidewalk or patio? give him a paint brush and a bucket of water.

or several buckets and cups. (things that float, things that sink: educational!!)

just be sure to keep an eye on him if any buckets are big enough for his head or face to fit in them.