Monday, December 08, 2008

How was your weekend?

Drew got off of work early on Friday, so off we went to Northpark Mall to get Ace's pictures taken with Santa. Ace says "only suckas ride in strollers" so he insisted on pushing it himself, which caused a tiny bit of ruckus every time someone dared step in front of him. He almost deadlegged a guy once, and I said "Look out, Ace!" A couple minutes later, a guy had to hop a little to avoid stroller burn and Ace hollered "LOOK OUT!" That was my first embarrassment of the day.

It took a long, long, long time, but we finally made it to Santa's headquarters. After about a 10 minute wait in line, we got the following adorable pictures:

Now, I'm not so narcissistic as to believe that everyone remembers Ace after meeting him once. I think he's pretty freakin' cool, but to many other people, he's just another kid. After giving my son a good long stare, Santa said "What's his name?" I told him, and he said "THIS is Ace? He's gotten so big! Where's his hair?"

I hope I didn't look stupid, but my mouth straight up fell open and I said "Of thousands of children you see every year, you remember my son?"

"Yeah," said Santa. "From Marshall's blog."

Yes, Santa Claus, the one and only, is a fan of our local paper's editorial cartoonist. I posted a link in Marshall's comments last year to the picture on my blog, and Santa saw it.

While we were in the food court, Ace kept begging to ride on the school bus, one of those ride-on toys for kids that are filled with unholy germs. I asked Drew to find out how much the rides were and he marched right on up and started investigating. Why was this a problem? There was a little girl already in it, and where we were sitting, her parents wouldn't have been able to see us. "Baby, you look like a huge creep right now. Just come on back."

After Ace finished inhaling his Chick Fil-A ice cream, I scrounged up a few quarters and Purelled the hell out of this school bus and plopped Ace in it. The kid had a blast.

It took a little fighting to get him off of it.

While he was playing on the school bus, the little girl came back and climbed on the nearby toddler-sized ice cream truck. Drew said "Ace, say 'hi' to the little girl." Ace misinterpreted and went full-on stud muffin, and said "How about a kiss?" Drew and I, naturally, high-fived.

We got home and despite our desperate prayers for a nap, Ace was all "y'all, I slept till 11:30, is that not enough for you???" and powered through the evening. We met Alice, Black Betty, and Roz at the Brandon Christmas parade.

While there, Ace discovered Mr. Rofarto... Rather, Mr. Rofarto's candy. Instead of taking advantage of the candy raining from the sky, Ace started begging Rofarto for those nasty Smarties thingies from a tube from the Dollar Tree. Rofarto was a good sport though, handing them over as quickly as Ace demanded them... till they ran out.

Ace left Rofarto in his dust after that, off to find a new best friend.

After the parade, we went to join Doghouse and his family at the Mellow Mushroom, where a very giggly Black Betty and I acted a fool while our husbands discussed beers in the most manly way they knew how.

Saturday I went Christmas shopping and Sunday I moped around my house and slept. Awesome.

More pictures of our Friday shenanigans here.


Watercolor said...

See? Santa *does* know everything. :)

Cute Santa and Ace pics!

Dr. Wifey said...

so Santa is into blogging now? how awesome is that! LOL

HEATHER said...

This really goes to Santa's cred!
I love it!

Jen said...

oh and that Santa rocks the catbox, seriously! He is SO REAL looking!

Damn, you should email Marhsall, he needs to know Santa is reading. hehe Guess we all better behave when discussing air filters and such. Santa may send me coal! LOL!

Ace is SO cute! I have got to meet him in person,I will bring ALL the candy he wants! I promise...Im a sucker for candy lovers.

And Wifey, Santa needs to blog, how else will he know whats on our lists? I hope he sees mine, I would love him for life if that Land Rover was sitting in my drive way with a BIG RED BOW! LOL

Sandi said...

Santa's been reading Marshall's blog for a while now if I'm not mistaken, but shoot ... Ace is a celebrity in his own right. I'm telling you, that adorable child is a superstar around here.

mrs. misenar said...

cute pic of ace and santa!

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

I told my girls that you never know when "Santa's Helper" (aka guy in a Santa suit) will turn out to be the real thing.

Looks like Santa was in your neck of the woods last weekend. ;)

Sharon said...

I LOVE this pics! The 2nd Santa one is my favorite. Cute cute cute.

Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

i'm black betty said...

awesome. :)

From the Doghouse said...

I pointed this out to Marshall and he said he knew. In fact, they may have him over for dinner sometime soon.

Had a great time Friday night, but I do have one point of clarification.

Black Betty and I acted a fool

Are you sure acting was involved?


Erin Steele (previously Domeyer) said...

Santa is a sneeky fellow....and Ace is pretty snazzy..he is a ladies man for sure!! You guys are setting yourself up for trouble..just wait!!

He is a cutie and seems to have picked up on his parents goofy kid is just a smart ass..he-he!

Koontah said...

The candy came from Wal-Mart, but it was $1. And it was SweeTarts, not Smarties. I'll give him my candy anytime he demands it, too. I like the parade picture with the glazed over look of wonder on Ace's face in the blue lights!!

mayberry said...

You crack me up. Your kid is such a pimp.