Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I've learned today...

... and it's only 5:45.

4:50 am, ten minutes before your scheduled road trip departure, before you've eaten breakfast let alone consumed any caffeinated beverages, is nota good time to realize that your child's car seat does not fit easily in your rental car.

The car was loaded and ready to go; I was just getting ready to tell Drew to turn on the engine to get it warm. "Honey?" "Yes?" "Why does Ace's car seat have a gangsta lean?"

The next half hour saw a lot of cussing. The non-removable headrest for the center seat is a little off center, so unless the car seat is ramrod straight, not reclining like it's supposed to have the capability to do, it butts up against the head rest and leans over. I want Ace to be able to sleep some on the trip (please God please God please God) so sitting in the middle wasn't really an option.

"No problem," said the Spiehlers, "we'll just move him to the passenger side."

"Um, honey?" "Yes, dear?" "Why doesn't the head rest come off of this seat?"

That's right, unlike every other car ever, the head rest on the back seat stays perfectly stationary - unless, of course, you want to lay the back seats down flat. In order to put the car seat in, it's got to be reclining way way back so the top of the seat goes under the head rest.

So after an unbelievable amount of cussing and moving the seat back and forth 4 times thinking surely there's something our tired brains are missing, we decided that practically laying down would be more comfortable than leaning to the right for almost 9 hours today.

So Ford, up yours. You're failing because you don't have any mothers on your design team. Thanks for nothing.


Style Expert said...

HA! You should send Ford a letter! Have a safe trip!

From the Doghouse said...

I agree about the letter.

My first car was a Ford. There's a reason I never got another one.

Jen said...

In my Ford F250, the headrest will GO ALL THE WAY UP & OUT if need be. Same in mom's expedition. I hope yall have a more successful trip from here on :)

Did you pack benedryl? LOL!

Watercolor said...

egad. Good luck!

HEATHER said...

Good grief! I don't think I could have coped with the carseat issue and no caffiene!
Hope you have a fun and safe trip!

RhondaLue said...

We have a FordF150 and it's beautiful and reliable and awesomely awesome to drive. I have a headrest complaint too though. It protrudes forward so yer neck is all out of whack. It ain't right. you can't tilt it back out of the way's just STUCK there. Ticks me the heck OFF!!

i'm black betty said...