Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well this is weird.

So the house is clean. Bags are all packed and waiting to go into the rental car, save a few last-minute items like my hair dryer. Everything is... ready.

I really should do this early packing thing more often. When I was single and childless, it took me 5 minutes, tops, to pack, so I always waited till the last minute and never forgot anything. (I packed a lot. Divorced parents, lots of trips to go on.) My thing now is making lists, then packing at the last minute. This time, I made the list and started packing yesterday and finished this morning, leaving me all day to do the last minute things instead of worrying about it tonight and in the morning.

Now all I have to do is eat supper, watch House, and go to sleep. It's very, very strange, this... not worrying.

In other news, the Ford Explorer we rented is flippin' sweet in so many ways. There's a 3rd row of seats (which will be handy if I wanna transport my sister and her kids anywhere, WHICH I DO) which fold down to make an insane amount of cargo space. Not only will we have enough room for all of our luggage including my 5 pairs of shoes, we'll have enough room for the cooler we want to bring in order to house a solid dozen frozen stromboli from Pizza King. Only Rob, Angie, and Erin will appreciate the significance of that statement. And trust me, if you'd ever had a stromboli from Pizza King, you'd know why we're renting an extra large car.

Time to get Ace in the bath and settle in for the night. Gettin' up at 4am!


Sharon said...

Have a safe trip! And a Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope to catch House, too.

Watercolor said...

Happy Turkey Day!!! Have fun!!

Jen said...

Have a safe & fun trip! :) Happy Thanksgiving too....

From the Doghouse said...

So, stromboli at your house when you get back?

Have a great trip!

Erin Steele (previously Domeyer) said...

The stombolis made me laugh so hard i think i might have peed my pants..only a little...hilarious!! I am sooo excited you are coming. I have never been so excited about something especially a party in a long time. I feel like a kid again..but grown-up!!