Monday, November 03, 2008

On the hunt

My mama's birthday is Wednesday and I want to have a little birthday party for her here. She has wheat and sugar sensitivities - wheat gives her little rashes and if she has any amount of sugar, she crashes and feels hung over the next day.

I'm trying to find some good cake ideas that don't require totally obscure ingredients, and that include lots and lots of chocolate. My mama loves her chocolate. The Krogers around here have some stuff like rice flour and granulated Splenda and whatnot, but most of the recipes I've found use REALLY obscure ingredients, like the unfiltered sap of the South American baobab tree or whatever. Hmmmm.

Oh, and y'all done good on the challenge. I'd have to say that I respect McCain's service to the country, and that Obama is one sexy hunk of man.


Felicia said...

Hey Girl

We recently discovered Eli has a severe milk allergy, so I've been on the hunt for allergy friendly foods. Needless to say I was sooo excited yesterday to find a chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting mix that were non-dairy, gluten free and all that jazz. It looks like there may be a small amount of sugar in the chocolate chips but you could probably sift them out and substitute with some sugar free chocolate. The only ingredients you need besides the mix are water and oil. I found them at the Kroger in Ridgeland perhaps they are availalbe in Flowood too. I think the brand was Cherrybrook of something like that. Hope this helps and Happy Birthday to your mom!

Sandi said...

Try this blog:

Susan actually lives here in Jackson, but she's got one of the best vegan blogs in the country. There's a search box on the left side, and categories you can look through. She uses odd ingredients, but you can find them at Rainbow and places like that.

I can't stand tofu, but the photos on this blog make my mouth water. If you can't find something on here, she can probably help you if you e-mail her.

Watercolor said...

check out her blog for recipes maybe

HEATHER said...
They have a sugarless French Silk Pie-sounds so yummy. I found that by googling "SugarBuster Recipes."
You know, since she has sugar issues and wheat issues, my recommendation is look for something that is either an Atkins recipe or maybe SugarBusters.
Good luck dear! I'm sure you will find something great!

HEATHER said...

Oh I just remembered, Suzanne Somers makes a product called SomerSweet, that has the sweetness of sugar, and can be used in baking. Can you tell I live two diabetics? ;-)

Jen said...

oooooo good luck with that hun! My Dad is a severe diabetic & the only thing sweet my mom has mastered is an apple pie. hehe

Happy Birthday to your Mom.

From the Doghouse said...

Does carrot cake work?

Emma B. said...

Cheesecake is your friend for low-carb desserts -- fits the decadent, and Splenda subs perfectly for sugar in your favorite recipe(not always the case). Make a crust from ground almonds or pecans, mixed with melted butter and a little Splenda, and you're good to go -- no wheat at all.

Chocolate without any sugar is a problem, though. There are sugar-free chocolates available, but most of them do funny things when exposed to heat. If a small amount of sugar is okay, top a cheesecake with ganache made from 70% dark chocolate -- the darker the chocolate, the lower the sugar content.

(Do the years of low-carb dieting show?)