Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a letter

Dear Ace,

While I'm thrilled with the constant development of your vocabulary, and your ability to discern and remember certain tastes, asking for "moh shokkit" at breakfast is not, in fact, going to net you more chocolate, especially considering you've had none today. You can have Cheerios, yogurt, or fruit. Take your pick.

And just so you know, if there's chocolate in the house, it's Mommy's. Learn it, live it, love it.

Love, Mommy


mayberry said...

I'm all about NOT sharing chocolate. I was craving chocolate cake yesterday - Hubby told me I needed to wait until Mini-me was home next week to make one because she likes chocolate cake too.

I told him I wasn't waiting. I'll make her some cupcakes when she gets home.

Wait for chocolate? Surely he was kidding.

Sharon said...

And just so you know, if there's chocolate in the house, it's Mommy's

YES!! That's a rule here, too. In fact, I even told my dh that if he has a candy bar, but doesn't have it gone by the time I crave it, it automatically becomes mine.

If you're a woman, chocolate is not meant to be shared. Period.

Bird said...

My husband is the ultimate chocolate whore. You cannot leave that stuff around or he will eat it. I have to actively hide it from him.

From the Doghouse said...

I have seen the kids do Olympic-caliber gymnastics to get at stuff ... that they can't reach because WE HID IT FROM THEM!!!