Wednesday, July 16, 2008

just foolin'

When I was little, my older sister Jennifer told me that the little strings on bananas were poisonous. I still won't eat them.

She also told me that the roach spray that my mom kept under the cabinet in an unmarked spray bottle was simply milk and water mixed together. I had a babysitter once give me milk with ice in it, and I was fairly convinced she was trying to kill me.

My dad told me that if I swallowed gum, I'd fart bubbles. I don't know why he thought that'd deter me. I bought Bubble Yum solely for experimental purposes after that.

When I moved to New Orleans at the age of 18, my dad told me that the living statues would move very, very, very slowly, so when you came back a couple of hours later they'd be in a different position. Seemed plausible. I didn't realize till nearly a year later that he was totally full of crap.

Have you ever messed with someone and had them convinced of something totally inconceivable? Have you ever been messed with?

Have you ever messed with me?


Dr. Wifey said...

my great-grandfather told me that eating fig newtons would make me swallow my tongue (maybe he wanted them all for himself???). won't eat them to this day!

mayberry said...

Luke - I am your father.

Jo said...

My mom used to tell me that dragonflies would sew my lips together. It wasn't until just a few years ago that I quit being deathly afraid of them.

My brother tells me on a regular basis that I am adopted. I just tell him, "That's OK. Mom and Pop HAD to love you... they CHOSE to love me."

A friend and I had an apartment manager convinced that we needed 4 fish tanks, one in each corner of the room, because we had flying fish and they needed a tank to land in.

I have never messed with you. Not ever. Nope. Not me. Huh uh.

From the Doghouse said...

I had the lower lobe of my right lung cut out midway through my junior year of high school.

However, about half my graduating class thinks I got that scar from when I was attacked by a shark.

And have I ever fooled you? Hmmm ...

Jennifer said...

This could be a long, loonnngg comment! (Should be a blog meme!)

My dad told my brother and me that wild strawberries were poisonous...I believed this until I met Andy and he told me he used to make pies out of them. Dang it, Dad!

There are many of those stories--If I ate watermelon seeds, a watermelon vine would grow out of my stomach...My siblings and I always crack up over these :o) We all need therapy now.

Alice said...

Wow...DH's story reminds me of mine..haha. i have a big family and 2 male cousins that were a few years ahead of me in school...everyone had siblings that knews them, so they thought we were siblings. Me and my best friend since kindergarten convinced a guy that we were by a long story involving my parents giving me up for adoption and their parents adopting me to keep me in the family.

He believed it til the day he died ...bless his heart (RIP Tom)

Watercolor said...

My mom had one of those ornamental hot pepper plants with the tiny hot peppers. I told my little sister it was a jelly bean plant.... :)

JesusThroughMary said...

When I was 10 and he was 4, I convinced my brother that normal people had two buttholes and that he was a freak because he only had one. I told him he would need major surgery or he would die from poop poisoning.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

OMG. I was horrible, horrible to my little sister about stuff like this. Once, I told her that there was a construction worker who accidentally got boarded up alive in the floor or her bedroom, and that now he haunted that side of the house. I told her if she heard scratching at night, that was his ghost, trying to get out.

I was a mean kid.