Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another, more frustrated letter.

Dear Ace,

When you:

1. fall on your butt, hurting nothing,
2. drop a toy,
3. can't get in the hallway because of the mean old baby gate,
4. are told to NOT take the laundry I just folded and throw it all over the place,
5. are not picked up immediately upon telling me "pick'n up,"

BANGING YOUR FOREHEAD ON THE FLOOR IS NOT A SOLUTION. I'm not going to pick you up and pity you when you're the one that's caused the harm to yourself because you acted a fool. Forget it. Throw your fit by yourself.

I'm so over this particular phase. SO OVER IT.

Love, Mommy


mayberry said...

Some kid's phases.....well, I could do without 'em.

The DP said...

*ducks and covers*
You know people always say that kids look like one and act like the other...
just sayin

pencil me in in October!

Jo said...

You would think they'd learn huh??

Blake used to walk up behind me EVERY time I was vacuuming and I didn't know he was there until I smacked him right between the eyes with the handle of the vacuum. Every time. *sigh*

I know it doesn't help... but he will grow out of it :)

Also... reading dp's comment... I'd like to know if it's you or Drew that bangs your head on the floor when upset? I can so totally picture you doing that when your chocolate has been threatened. Hee hee :)

Sharon said...

Can I just read Brennan this same letter?
He & Ace seem to practice the same stress-management techniques.

From the Doghouse said...

All those nights of watching Headbanger's Ball on MTV have caught up with you and live today in your son.

Sandi said...


Daughter used to wait till I mopped in the kitchen to take a stroll through the house, and she'd bust her butt EVERY TIME. Land right on her head. I'd baby her at first, but the last half dozen times she did it, it was all I could do not to say "I told you so."

I'm such a bad mama.

Deanna said...

I love it when they throw a fit, you walk away and then they follow you and lay back down to throw the fit. THAT is entertainment!