Sunday, June 08, 2008

So here's the sitch

You have this friend. Despite the lack of disagreements or arguments between you and this friend, you're getting some pretty clear signals that the friend may not be your friend, and may in fact not like you much after all. They may be misunderstandings, but they seem fairly deliberate.

What do you do?


Jo said...

I'd say confront said friend... unless it's me... then um... send her chocolate!

But really, Stacey... you can either let it go and worry about it... or you can confront him/her and get it all taken care of. Experience tells me that confronting them is the best, although my best friend in college told me, "I wouldn't give a f**k if you walked out that door and I never saw you again." when I confronted him. *sigh* At least I knew.

Good luck with this. I know it's not easy.


Nicole Bradshaw said...

Hmmmm . . . call him/her up and ask if everything's ok? Ask how he/she has been? Talk about all the fabulous things you've been doing with your other friends? Based on those answers/reactions, you'll have to play it by ear.

Then, forget about it. Come and have some fun with me! Screw this pathetic friend! HA! THAT'LL show him/her!

Jennifer said...

That's a miserable feeling---and EMBARASSING, too, right? I am familiar with it. I think most relationships come to a crossroads and whether you confront them (which, in some cases, might only get you a vague answer laced with denial while everything stays the same) or leave everything alone, it usually works itself out. Maybe you could ask this person if you've done anything to upset them?...Just to get the conversation rolling. It's hard to answer without the details--Are you sad about what's happening? Like you really love them and would be sad without them or you've grown apart? If it's turning out to be a non-fulfilling relationship, maybe it's time to "clean out the house"--but if this whole situation is weird and out of the blue....all I can do is send good, here they come just in case. It sucks. Hang in there. :o) (I think I'm babbling...Sorry, it's after midnight :o)

Bird said...

well, my first instinct is "ditch the bitch," but that might just be because it rhymes with your title.

Had a similar situation with a friend and while the confrontation left her feeling good because she got to "let it all out," I was left with a bunch of stuff to deal with that I didn't even know existed. Le sigh. Things are better now, but it took some time.

mayberry said...

Oh girl. I ain't EVEN one to give advice on this one.

Supermom said...

I was going to ask what is "sitch" but I figured it out. How big a loser am I?!

Great to see you and the most beautiful boy ever! Wished I had seen Drew.

I'm so sorry we missed Ace's party... after standing in the heat at the park (for Superkid's friend's birthday party) I was such a sweaty, hot mess that I didn't need to be around anyone possessing a nose.

I just wanted to get home and take a shower! Which I did hence you seeing me at BWW with hair pulled back and sans make up.

I digress...about the sitch...*shrug* I dunno know...I'll leave the advice up to the others' who have already done so so eloquently.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

it hard to brouch the subject when the person seems to have miss lead you in some way.

I agree with Nicole/calling up to ask if everything is ok is the best way to go.. I hope ya the best!!

Christy said...

Oooh Honey.

Was the question what would I do? Or did you mean to say "what should you do??" Because those two things are completely different.

I agree with Nicole on what "should" you do. Talking your way through it might be the logical thing to do

now that being said. .

What would I do?? If I thought for one minute, someone who I considered to be a "friend", came across as not liking me and furthermore deliberately in my face about it, they would have to go, I mean in a loud deliberate in your face kinda way. .

Life is too short. My thought process on friendship is this..

Don't waste time on people who aren't willing to waste their time on you.

Sandi said...

Has that person got something going on in her life that you may not know about? or just being a biatch?
May be worth a phone call to find out..