Monday, June 09, 2008

wonder what they think

*Just to clear up something right quick from my last post - the person in question is hella cool, not at all a bitch. This is why I'm concerned that I've offended her in some way. *shrug*

I took Ace to his follow-up appointment with his ENT today in his walker. He walked from the front door to the elevator to the office, where there were about 5 other kids under the age of 4 running around. As soon as Ace walked in, the room went dead silent for about 3 seconds - until Ace made eye contact with a girl wearing a low-cut blouse and said "hiiiIIIIiii." Everyone stopped talking to look at him - the adults less than the kids, but they still stopped and stared nonetheless.

Let me clarify - that doesn't bother me. Ace's walker is a monstrous curiosity, and I can't blame people for wondering what it is, why he needs it, etc. Still, I wonder what they all think. Several people told me how well he talks (we were practicing counting, animal sounds, saying "hiIIIIiii" to everyone that walked by) and asked how old he is, but you could tell they wanted to ask why he was trotting around in a big metal contraption.

I wish people would just ask. I love talking to others about Ace's cerebral palsy. Everyone's so scared of it.

Please allow me a small, self-indulgent moment of "poor baby" here. It was almost 90 degrees today, and it's going to get much, much hotter. Ace can't just wear his braces, he has to wear socks (to protect his skin from irritation) and shoes (to protect the braces from damage). We were all over the place today and my poor little sugar got really really hot. By the time we got to Chick Fil-A, he was sweating. I found the thinnest socks I could possibly find, and I finally found sandals that will fit over the braces, but dadgummit, summers are not going to be easy on my baby.


mayberry said...

People are afraid to ask questions these days. I know I would be. "Hey, what's the deal with the walker?" seems kind of insensitive. Is there a polite way to ask this sort of question? Not everybody is as open and nice as you my dear.

Stacey said...

Kids ask "what's that?" Adults can too. "Excuse me, I'm curious - what is that for?" That'd work for me.

mayberry said...

You really have such a great attitude about it. You're quite inspiring. =) I mean it.

From the Doghouse said...

Yeah, but if you were feeling snarky, I could see you saying "It's a walker; it's for walking, dumb***."


And Ace may be sweating, but he'll still be working it with the ladies!

Jennifer said...

Do people ever ask you "What's WRONG with him?" I hear it being asked all the time and it rubs me the wrong way. Oh, and grown-ups need to act their age--What are kids supposed to turn out like when their parents act stupified at the site of a WALKER

HEATHER said...

You could always make him a little t-shirt that says "Hi I have spasic dysplasia and you don't", or something equally snarky. That would open all kinds of conversations.
I am sorry that he has to wear those braces in this heat. That really sucks!

Sandi said...

I second that, Doghouse. The last time I saw Ace, he lit up the room with his "Hiii, Sandi!"
Aw...what a sweetie!