Friday, June 06, 2008

How to make Mommy say "GAH!"

To make Mommy say "GAH!", your physical therapist can say "I think Ace should go to an orthopedic surgeon."

This doesn't necessarily mean he needs orthopedic surgery, but apparently, many children with cerebral palsy will need surgery for hip dysplasia before they reach adolescence.


Ace's physical therapist is in the same building as 2 orthopedic surgeons, and I went upstairs to see if I could make an appointment with one. Although they're with Baptist, a hospital that's covered by United "Health"care, they don't accept United Healthcare because they're just such a pain in the butt. The lady asked me "Are they just as annoying for the insured as they are for providers?"

Oh, honey. If you only knew.

As a sentimental aside, I absolutely, completely, totally LOVE Ace's physical therapist. I think she is the best thing since sliced bread. His first 2 PTs were awesome, young and fresh outta school and I loved them both. This one has the added bonus of over 30 years of experience. I have been so, so blessed to have 3 completely wonderful PTs for Ace. Thank you, that is all.


sinister_n_evil said...

I was warned about the hip thing with Down's by Charles' PT too...there is a set of shorts that the PT made me get for charles so that he bears the weight properly on his hips... I forget the name, but it just makes him keep his legs together instead of doing the full split... just sew the pants legs together on a pair of shorts that have a little streach to them... and let him use that in his walker... it will help the hips develop properly...

I am not an expert by any means... just passing on what they have done for charles....

Watercolor said...

gah indeed on surgery.
wooohooo on the pt!!

Bird said...

Gotta love a good therapist!

Our physiatrist is ordering hip x-rays for Charlie's first birthday, which just so happened to be yesterday. He said you really have to just monitor the hips and make sure you don't have problems.

Since Ace is upright, chances are good that his hips are developing normally. Other issues caused by spasticity can often be prevented if you are vigilant and use the botox when necessary.