Sunday, February 17, 2008


Warning: This post includes lots and lots of asterisks.

My husband just said the f-word three times in a row while playing Super Mario Galaxy. I know what he should've given up for Lent.

*2 minutes later update: 3 d-words and an m-f word. Yowza.

*5 minutes later update: Well, I just find this so absurd that I'm gonna start live-blogging this insane overreaction. Here's everything he said between the time I started this and the time I go tell him to play something else.

"Well, you sons of b*****s!"
"Ugh! S***!"
"UGH! S***! That's f***ing bulls***!"
"You mother-f*****."

(Will you all please keep in mind that my husband has virtually no temper, and hardly ever gets angry? In nearly 7 years of marriage, I've seen him get REALLY mad fewer than ten times. Once was when a friend of ours tried to kill his girlfriend. Apparently playing a game where Mario floats around his own little galaxy and gathers lots of stars that looks like candy ranks right up there.)

"Oh for f***'s sake, let me up!"
"TRY and help me out, dumb***."
"OHhhh! Fudge!" (No, I didn't censor that one.) "I hate this s***."
"You little ***holes, get away from me!"

I think that's just about enough. I don't need the man to start getting blood pressure issues.


Susan said...

I laughed hysterically at that. There was more cursing in this house during the month and a half playing SMG than there has been in all the years we've lived here combined. For goodness sake, which board is he on? If it's not the Luigi purple coins, then you haven't heard the start of it yet. (shudder) We lost entire days to that game.

Supermom said...

I can't see that coming out of sweet Drew's mouth...

Susan said...

My friend Ed started the tradition of referring to Mario as his b*tch while playing Mario Party 8. That tradition deteriorated into worse things during Galaxy.

From the Doghouse said...

That SO needs to be on YouTube!

Watercolor said...