Sunday, February 17, 2008

How was Valentine's Day?

It was flippin' sweet... literally and figuratively. At story time, there were cookies and candies and Valentines for everyone. Drew made a delicious supper of steak, mashed taters, asparagus, and garlic bread, and I made truffles for dessert. Yes, I said truffles. Dude, YUM.

Here's the schwag:

Left to right: That's the card Ace made for Drew (gosh, that sure was messy), the card I got for Drew, the plant Drew got for me, and the card that Supermom sent me because she's basically the most awesome person alive. Inside, she included some updates on the blog world I've been missing and a very sweet message. I loves me some Supermom.


Supermom said...

I'm glad you liked the card. And thanks for the affirmation. Sometimes I wonder if you like me... or just tolerate me. =)

mayberry said...

Supermom's a suckup! Supermom's a suckup! =)

J/K. I loves me some Supermom too!

Supermom said...