Monday, January 21, 2008

How could I almost forget this?

Vote for the best ending to the story.

1. Carrie realized that "Gelatinous" would have to wait - she had her own story to finish. Dora Lou was beating Victor with a spatula; he didn't even defend himself, and only mumbled repeatedly about his HALF-brother Vinnie.Carrie ignored them; she tossed the container of armadillo drool (only slightly expired) to Ricardo and said "Help me mix this up!" She tossed in the last of the turtle toenails and called the batch complete. She coerced the twins to go out with the mixture and spray Godzilla - it worked, he crawled back to the depths (and in addition, the bit that spilled on him cleared up Victor's acne problem)!

As they celebrated, Diamond Jack answered the phone. "No, there's no Bobby here ... "


2. Carrie awoke from her drug-induced dream with a loud scream, the eight-foot long wrap around arms of her streight jacket chafing her alabaster skin. Outside she could hear her father, Victor, talking in concerned tones to her doctor while her mother sobbed. Her father's face appeared at the window of her small cell mouthing words familiar yet unfamiliar as he stared at the shell of a woman that used to be his daughter.

"Damn bloggers, If you know what I mean."


3. Lolly quickly filled jugs of the bubbly armadillo liquid and strapped herself to one of Dick and Biatch's motorscooters. "Mom! Don't!" cried Carrie, as she ran screaming after her and in her haste, left the copy of "Gelatinous" on her bed where it was eventually found by Dora Lou and Diamond Jack who lovingly read passages to each other as they rekindled their fiery passion. As Lolly gave herself in sacrifice to the Godzilla creature, (he ate her and the knapsack that held the bubbly potion) Carrie kept running and running, frantically trying to get away from the crazy Dora Lou, her crazy father, the hellion twins and the creepy gardener and when she finally collapsed from exhaustion, she felt a hand on her shoulder and as she turned she saw......RENALDO! He took her in his arms and kissed her hard on the mouth as the Godzilla creature exploded like fireworks behind them. And they all lived strangely ever after.


4. Carrie,Victor,Dora and the rest of our gang all of a sudden felt like they were being watched. They had lost the sense of control, as if they were puppets in someones demented little dream. They fought hard to regain what little sanity they had left, but with little to show for there mental fight, they each gave in. The all lined up and stated there names a little old lady who directed them to own persoan 3x3 space. And with the puppet masters final command,they each pressed a button and...voted Ron Paul for President!


HEATHER said...

Gotta go with #3. Wraps it all up!

Watercolor said...


Sandi said...

I go with No. 3. All that wackiness, concluded. Bravo, Alison.

Alice said...

I like number 1

Blogger said...

i like the fact that i cant spell. i need to hit spell check next time

mayberry said...

I vote for #3 cuz well, I rock.

mayberry said...

And because that little ending actually had me using my brain.

Susan said...

I would also have to vote for #3, because Alison rocks. And because I'm impressed that she could keep the people straight. The only character I could keep up with was Godzilla.