Monday, January 21, 2008


In case y'all hadn't heard, it snowed in these here parts on Saturday. I got about 4 calls from different people telling me it was snowing. (Y'all know I'm from Indiana and have seen snow before, right? Anyway.) Figures - it hasn't snowed in Jackson in like a million years, and the day it does, I'm in Kenner, Louisiana. Last time it snowed there was (I think) Christmas Eve 2004.

We saw it on the ground on the way back - it started right before Hattiesburg, got pretty heavy between Hattiesburg and Magee, but by the time we got to Mendenhall, the sun had poked through the clouds and everything had started to melt off. I don't think it came down very hard here from what I've heard, just a dusting.

My parents, however, live about an hour south of here and they got a couple of inches on their land.

My parents' front and back yards, respectively:

As of last night when I talked to my stepdad, there was still a good bit of snow on the ground. It's a little surreal seeing pictures of my parents' land in south Mississippi with a couple inches of snow on it.

I just hope y'all have all made your peace with Jesus. If snow in south Mississippi is any indication of impending apocalypse, he's coming soon.


From the Doghouse said...

Get back in the car and get back to Louisiana; Ron Paul will be there today!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha! I know what you mean--It snowed for two days here and we were so excited, you'd think we'd never seen snow before. It did melt the next day in true SC fashion, though, so I feel saf that the world isn't ending yet :o)

fwapah said...

the first time my mom and i saw snow was in new orleans in i guess 1989 or so.. we were still living in westwego and we made snocones. mmmm.

Sandi said...

It's funny ... we got snow here, but my parents, who live 2 and a half hours NORTH, didn't get a flake.