Friday, October 20, 2006


If this is how I dress my kid when it's 60 degrees outside, how do y'all reckon I'll dress him when it actually gets cold? Do they make mink coats for babies? Tiny battery-powered electric blankets? To be fair, this is the coldest it's gotten since, like, March (I love the South). It was a bit of a shock to my system.

My baby is getting huge. I can't believe how tall he's getting. Every time I look at him, I just shake my head. I ran across one of his preemie outfits that had gotten lost in Mount Laundry (Dictator Princess, all rights reserved) that I remembered thinking there was no way he'd fit into it at the time, and it was, in fact, too big. Now it looks like it'd fit a Ken doll.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep him awake during the day? The boy is catatonic when he sleeps, and he sleeps during the day. He's a night owl, and will only sleep at night if one of us is holding him. During the day, all bets are off. He sleeps anywhere, anytime, 5+ hours at a time. We must change this.

Just looked at all my pictures from the reunion. They're completely useless. Whatever's not too dark or too blurry is filled with people with unholy, Village of the Damned eyes. I'm starting to hate my camera more every day. It's only good for pictures taken in a ton of light, really close up, preferably outside during the daytime.

Amanda's only dilated to 3, even having been on Pitocin for over 24 hours. She's pretty sure that the next time the doctor checks her, he's going to do a c-section. She's happy about it, ready to get her baby out and go home and eat. Keep those prayers a-comin', y'all.

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erindomeyer2000 said...

We all have been there before. Your child is in six layers and crying then you realize he is 1000 degrees. Then you strip off a couple of the layers. As they get older you get a little more laid back and take off the gloves when 60 but put them on again at 55....They do grow so fast. All those cute clothes outgrown. What a shame that i love to shop and have to buy new ones constantly. Hailey went through 3 sizes of pants last winter and 2 sizes bigger than her shirts. It is amazing when they grow becasue for me my baby is 3 1/2 but it still seems like yesterday that i brought her home from the hospital. Take lots of pictures and make sure mommy and daddy are in the pictures also. I have so many of her but not so many family photos. I wish i had made myself smile instead of always hiding behind the camera. I hope your sis has a great easy delivery. Sometimes i wish i had a ceasarian. They say each has positives and negatives but natural birth moves things around alot. It would have been nice to keep all that intact. Anyways im praying for your family. Later