Friday, October 20, 2006

I have a niece!

My niece was just born via c-section. Her name is Betlee Ember Duff, and she's 6 pounds, 4 ounces!

I'M AN AUNT!!! Dude, I'm going to be the most flippin' sweet aunt this world ever saw.

I have to go shopping! WHEEEEEEeeeeee!!!


Anonymous said...

Yaaaay! Congratulations! :)

cncz said...

You know there is something to be said about having cousins close in age. I had two cousins born within two months of me and we were like siblings. So go Ace! New built in friend for him.

erindomeyer2000 said...

So sweet. I am sure Ace and her will be close just like cousins should. It is great that they are so close in age. Being an aunt is the best because you can spoil them (with junk food, haha)and then leave without seeing the hyper child syndrome afterwards. I have four neices/nephews and it makes for great playdates.