Friday, July 21, 2006

Just a warning

Microfiber cannot be cleaned. Servicemaster looked at my couch and gave up immediately. Stanley Steemer came out just now to clean it and said they couldn't use their stain removing treatment because it'd cause the fiber to shrink up. The best they could do is get the surface dirt on there. The stain remover we were given with the couch just makes a bigger stain... lighter, but bigger.

So, never buy a microfiber couch. If you do, make sure it's REALLY dark. Or put plastic over it.

I think it's time for a new couch, even though this one is only 2 years old. It's getting kinda ghetto. I could spill water on it and make a stain. Sorry, Drew.


Becca said...

Ugh, never never EVER put plastic covering on a cough. You'll either stick to it and rip your flesh, or sweat and slide right off.

Every single Italian family I knew grewing up in NYC (my grandma and great grandma inclusive) covered their couches with plastic. SO uncomfortable. Go grab a cheap IKEA couch, or something comparable instead. Better yet, get couch covers made of cloth!!!

How did you stain your couch?

Rachel said...

Try a slipcover! IKEA makes them in nice sturdy fabrics like twill and denim. So does Pottery Barn, and they can actually look nice!

I don't currently use them, however. My couch is awesome purple velvet and it would be a shame to cover that up.

javafoofoo said...

I agree with becca and rachel; no plastic, but definitely a slipcover. That couch is too freaking comfortable to get rid of!!