Sunday, July 23, 2006

"I'll make you wish you were dead."

In preparation for Ace coming home, I have to figure out how to politely but firmly tell people to not come to my house if they've been sick, and to wash their hands before touching my baby.

Thinking about a sign on my door.

"We have a preemie. Wash your hands before touching him, or I will put your hands into boiling water. And if you come to my house sick, or have been sick recently, I'll make you wish you were dead."

Too harsh?

Now, I know all moms are probably anti-germ CRAZY. I, however, am not crazy. My baby's immune system is nowhere near what it should be. He has the potential to get incredibly ill if he comes into contact with people who have been sick. I'm talking hospitalization. You see, preemies are prone to the respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. It's like the flu in adults, but much more severe for preemies. I was told that RSV can stay on a surface for nearly 6 minutes, whereas the flu virus can live for much less time. If people do not wash their hands frequently around him, or at least put on antibacterial gel, he WILL get sick. If there are sick people around him, he WILL get sick.

Now, some of you may tell me to be firm, because my relationships with people are nowhere near as important as Ace's health. Duh. That doesn't make bossing my 80-something-year-old grandma around any easier. That's why I want to put a sign on my door. It's just passive aggressive enough.


Surviving said...

I just refused to let anyone hold my preemies if they didn't want to wash. I wouldn't bring them in the same room with them.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I wanted to put at sign on our door that said "leave a casserole and get lost; you can come back and visit the baby in 3 months."

But my hubby wouldn't let me.

Your mileage may vary! Found your blog via Bev's @ Reformed Mama

Amy said...

I'm a RN who worked in mother/baby and L&D. It was so heart warming/brekaing to read your blog. I've worked with these moms who come in for months and it has to be rough. I'm glad you are home and headed up! Blessings Amy

cncz said...

I would just not let people come to the house, but it is hard since everyone comes to your house. I like what surviving said, I would probably just be like that.

Rachel said...


1. Make everyone who wishes to enter your home bring a note from their doctor.

2. Install one of those decontamination showers between the street and the front door (I'm thinking like in Silkwood).

3. Greet people at the door with a can of Lysol in one hand and a hose in the other. Spray with whichever one strikes your fancy.

Although people mean well and want to come see you and Ace it sucks that you have to put up all these precautions that some of them will just ignore, thinking they're "entitled" to see the baby no matter what. But you are his mommy and his sword-wielding protector, so don't feel bad or guilty about wanting to kill people who don't follow your rules!

Becca said...

Do what you need to do. Real friends will understand. Grandparents, not so much ^_^ But it will be worth it for Ace's health in the long run.

Rob the Webkahunah said...

I'm thinking you invest in a few of those full-body condoms they showed fro a sight gag in "THE NAKED GUN" :)

Terri said...

Any person who would come to your house obviously loves you and would completely understand. Lets face it you have come a long way to see this beautiful little baby.

You know one of my friends had a child that was diagnosed with leukemia. She had a large dispenser of anti germ lotion on her front porch with a sign that basically said to use it, take off your shoes etc. I don't believe that anyone became offended. Hello! her childs life depended on it.

Sharon said...

Nothing can be too harsh when you're doing it for love and health of your child. I say go for it! Put up a sign, do whatever. And if they don't get it, they need to grow up. Or go visit some preemies in the hospital until they DO get it.

Martha said...

I like this sign...

The hand sanitizer on the door is a great idea, too!

I'm not sure what else to suggest. I was pissed the other day when my Mom handed Abby to my cousin to hold without making him wash his hands first. His Mom (my Aunt) was home with the flu for goodness sakes!


Good luck, let us know what you decide!

Lauren said...

You just have to make everyone aware that part of preemiehood involves a reduced immune system. I'm betting a lot of people don't know that. Then before they come visit, inquire if they've been sick, or if they've been around anyone who has been sick. And if they say yes, tell them to stay away for a while longer. It's all about the quarantine, baby. We went through it with my mom when she was in chemotherapy. You could also invest in some gloves and surgeon masks for the house, and require anyone touching Ace to use them.

cncz said...

I had the coolest dream about Ace, and dreams like this in Islam are supposed to be good signs, so I hope it is a good sign. So I go to your house and there is this chair with Purell on it and a stack of shoes outside, and there was some fat blonde girl (I am chunky too so hey) who was talking on a cell phone (do you know anyone fat and blonde?) and she paused in her conversation to say, and I quote, "Ace is home ,but if you don't wash your hands and take off your shoes, Stacey will CUT you". So then I walk in the house and there are like forty people there. Drew is sitting the hall like a bouncer and says, "Ace is in back" but I keep trying to walk into this room where Rob is sleeping, and Drew keeps telling me, "That's Rob, Ace is a baby, Ace's room is in back" and I keep trying to go back to Ace's room, which is full of sun, and there are just so many people. He's in like this tent of a bed, and the room was so sunny and such a good peaceful feeling was there.

Anyway it was a really good dream and I hope the Rob part and the "Stacey will CUT you part" made you laugh. I woke up happy this morning.

RingoWolf said...

Well if dreams like that are suppose to be good luck I had one of St. Michael standing guard at your front door. (sorry if that’s to R.C. for all ya’ll) Been praying hard for the little guy.

Melinda Barton said...

Okay, I was fat and blonde until recently. hmmmmmmm.... You wouldn't cut me, would you Stacey?
Anyway, I hope to see Ace before his first steps, but seeing as how he likes to do things early, I guess I'll have to hurry.