Thursday, July 20, 2006

He sucks!

No, literally. I tried to breastfeed Ace today for the first time... Didn't go too well. I think he was tired, and not quite ready to eat, but he's on a hard schedule. So he tried, and tried, and got tuckered out. When I tried to give him his bottle, he choked a few times. Once because I wasn't paying attention, listening to the nurse and not him. And he dropped his heart rate 4 times in 20 minutes.

And now his doctor is saying that he'll most likely go home on oxygen. We can either keep him there for another month and a half on oxygen, or bring him home in two weeks on oxygen. I think I'd like to have him home. The nurses are still trying to wean him off though.

Then I went to Babies R Us to do some shopping off of my own registry, because I'll never have a baby shower.

Rough day.


Heather said...

Glad to hear he is sucking!
Why doesn't whoever was planning your baby shower, have a "Welcome to the World" party. I have been to a couple of those myself. Anyone who knows you and would want to give you a gift will certainly understand.

Stacey said...

Can't. Germs. I have to have him around as few people as possible for at least a year.

It's not the presents I'm lamenting - we can afford those. It's the fact that I won't have a shower. It's like a rite of passage for a woman.

Surviving said...

I understand how you feel about the shower. I've just had my third and haven't had a shower for any of my kids.

My 2 preemies were about 3 months old before they were able to breastfeed. It took some time and a lot of patience but they eventually got it. I just continued to pump until they were ready.

Reformed Mama said...

sorry about no baby shower. i remember that. my son was actually born the day beore i was supposed to have mine.

germs... here's something i learned. it's true you have to be careful with preemies, but after a while you will get to the point where you are comfortable bringing ace out and about.

nicu staff are WONDERFUL. they do an amazing job. however, they instill buttloads of fear into new mommies who are already scarred from their premature delivery.

be encouraged. mommyhood to a preemie is HARD, but it does get better.