Saturday, June 10, 2006

Okay, best day ever.

At least, so far this year.

Dave, Rob, and Drew got Ace's room all painted, and are working on a possible mural (with my ultimate approval, natch). Everyone say "Thanks, Dave and Rob" for helping paint. Seriously, guys, I couldn't appreciate it more.

During my first visit of the day, I got to change Ace's diaper for the first time.

During my second visit of the day...

I GOT TO HOLD HIM!!!!! I'VE NEVER HELD HIM BEFORE AND I GOT TO HOLD HIM FOR THE FIRST TIME!! I am telling y'all, I've always heard people say that their happiest moments were holding their child(ren) for the first time, and now I completely understand. Then... DREW GOT TO HOLD HIM!!! I've been crying happy all day, I tell you. I got to hold him, y'all. The same nurse will be there tomorrow, so I have my fingers crossed that my mom will get to hold him. She'll lose her ever lovin' mind.

Drew's going to have pictures on his flickr account tout de suite. Actually, as soon as I get offa here, he's going to do that.

Gosh, I am so incredibly happy, y'all just wouldn't believe. This day couldn't get any better. Unless a Snickers bar just suddenly showed up next to me. ... Ah, well. Still the best day ever. Totally better than Taylor winning American Idol.


Shana said...

That is so wonderful, Stacey, congratulations! I totally would have been crying for joy too. Awesome.

Vicki said...

Ya'll GOT to stop making me cry. I've turned into a weepy girl since this started. :) I'm so glad you got to hold your boy. Congrats Mom and Dad! XOXO

Regan said...

Yay for finally getting to hold him!

March of Dimes has a picture pool on Flickr if you guys want to add the pictures of Ace there, or just connect with some other NICU families:

There is also a website where parents share their NICU stories:

shiksa said...

The photos of you two and Ace are so cute! Hope your mom gets to hold him too.

Surviving said...

Congratulations!!! Being able to hold your baby is definately the best feeling, especially when you have to wait a little longer then most. Holding my kids while in the NICU was always the highlight of my day.

Melinda Barton said...

Damn you! You made me emote in public! At work, no less. Okay, have to get to Jackson soon.