Saturday, June 10, 2006

Only in Ace's room

Rob and Dave have been nice enough to come help Drew paint Ace's room. I've been watching from my chair in the doorway, but the time came where they needed to close the door to get in that corner. I figured it'd be a good time to pump.

Me: No boys in the living room for half an hour. *shuts door*
Rob: No boys in the living room?
Drew: She's gotta pump.
Rob: Pump?
Dave: YEAHH!!!
Dave: YEAH!!
Rob: I SO didn't need to know that!!
Drew: Welcome to motherhood, dude.
Dave: YEAH!
Rob: Motherhood! I don't need to know 'bout no motherhood. The only mother I wanna know about is Shaft, because he's one bad motha...
Dave: Yeaahhh.

Meanwhile, I'm standing in the hallway, bent over with laughter, which surely can't be good for my incision. I love these guys. Thanks for coming to help, Drew and I (and Ace!) really appreciate it.



cncz said...

see, Nice Husband wouldn't have even mentioned the pumping part. he would have been all like, "yeah, she needs some private time" and his friends would nod in solemn agreement.

RingoWolf said...

Lol, that wouldn't work on us in the N.O. Misfits (my name for our merry little band). Either Rob or Dave would of gone looking for her thinking she was crying and in desperate need of a hug.

shiksa said...

I think the last adjective to describe this bunch would be 'solemn.' At least they're enthusiastic!

Drew said...

We take everything deadly serious.

cncz said...

i think drew's friends would scare sam's friends. my favorite of his friends, the one i love the most and has been the best friend ever to him, also happens to have the same voice as...Eeyore.

Aimee said...

you know i can actually picture this conversation and i dont know any of those guys! And better yet i can see you bent over in laughter with this conversation!