Sunday, June 11, 2006

More happy news

But not about Ace this time. (I have lots of happy news about Ace, but I wanted someone else to get props real quick.)

My cousin Jonathan and his girlfriend Jessie got engaged last Monday, on her 25th birthday. (Everybody, awwww). They started dating about 2 days before Drew and I did... but as we all know, Drew and I were impatient.

I'm so proud of my cousin, and I know him well enough to know that he wouldn't date someone for 5 years that wasn't absolutely perfect for him. Smart boy, you see.

Read all about his clandestine proposal at his website.

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU TWO! I can't wait to go to the wedding (if y'all don't elope or anything, that is)! I love y'all!


Crawdaddy79 said...

Oh, gawrsh... I knew you were my favorite cousin for a reason...

Always making me blush and stuff - though usually it's with flatulence. I'm glad for the change anyway.

cncz said...

Ok so tell me, when you two got married, uh, "back in the day" did either of the all be like, "HUH! What are we supposed to do?"

As a side note, I know I flipped. I think it was me refusing to let go of childhood and acknowledge Drew as grownup. Did anyone else flip? Look how far I have come, he is a parent now.

shiksa said...

What a sweet story! I have to say that my parents are handling my marriage quite well, as are Frank's folks, but I think it's because we got married between his sister's wedding and his brother's wedding, both of which were bigger deals than ours. And I'm soooo okay with that. I think we're just all moving into new phases - we're married, now Drew and Stacey have Ace, I have a dog who behaves like a big baby, and we're purchasing furniture. But I still flip out from time to time, just for old time's sake :)