Friday, June 23, 2006

How's Ace?

I just love him so much. It amazes me every day how I feel about this kid.

He's up to 3 pounds, 5 ounces and steadily gaining, at least by grams.

He's regulating his own temperature now, which means I get to bust out some of those adorable preemie outfits y'all keep sending me. This is also a criteria for him to come home.

The only problem we're having is his breathing. He breathes fast so he desats (his oxygen levels drop), so the nurses put an oxygen cannula in his nose, which causes boogers (sorry, "dry secretions"), which cause him to breathe fast, so the nurse suctions out his nose with the bulb syringe to get the boogers out... which causes boogers, which cause him to breathe fast. If he hadn't started breathing fast in the first place, we wouldn't be having a problem. Shoving anything in a nose causes boogers, but the boy needs his oxygens.

Y'all shoulda seen the giganto-boogers the nurse got out of him last night, man... impressive. I don't even have boogers that big. Drew just couldn't get over them. He was still talking about them when we were leaving. Further evidence that we'll be utterly fascinated by what comes out of his body. I felt pretty good hearing him snot and then telling the nurse that he needed to blow his nose. She said I'm going to have to learn how to wield a bulb syringe soon.

Just waiting for the nurse to get here to change my junk so I can go see my punkin. I love him so much. He's so doggone cute.

I talked to the nurse about breastfeeding last night. I told her that I'm making roughly 8 times as much as my son is eating during any given day. When he leaves, I'll still be making about 4 times as much as he'll be eating, if I continue at my current rate. We're looking into deep freezers, and I'm taking a little break at night... every 4 hours instead of every 3. Praise God that I can make food for my son. I know many women can't. The nurse called me Bessie, and a friend told me to start a dairy, call it organic, and start making some money. We do still have that rather vast registry...


cncz said...

In the pictures he looks exactly like both of you.

How did I know that you would be fascinated by his boogers? How did I know that the "inner circle" views Ace as, well, another person to party with? Rock.

The stuff I am sending you is not preemie stuff. Keep in mind I was going to put it in the post the day I heard you were in the hospital, and I was like "yeah, not gonna mail that just yet". I hafta tell you the story sometime.

oscar said...

Good luck with Ace, and congrats again!

Reformed Mama said...

you will have tons of milk by the time ace comes home. save it and make your hubby do a night time feeding each night so you can get some sleep. ;)

once the cutie comes home you'll be able to stop pumping and your milk supply will calm down. he'll also grow a lot faster when he's home getting fed as much as he wants whenever he wants from his mamma instead of getting stingy portions on someone else's schedule from some nurse.

i hope he's home soon.