Saturday, June 24, 2006


To Jessica: Nick's song is so much better. Team Nick 4-eva.

To Rihanna: "Unfaithful" is whiny. And say it with me... Mur-der-er... not muddera.

To the home nurse that came out yesterday, yes the same butcher that put my wound-vac in: Do not, I repeat, do NOT tell me that I have a low pain tolerance because I can't handle the wound vac. Have you ever HAD A WOUND VAC, COW? I'll show you a low pain tolerance. In with the good air, out with the bad...


Sharon said...

Ditto on your comment to Jessica!! lol. loved it.

Becca said...

Is it me or do you also think Rihanna is the most egotistical b**** ever? She's assuming that this guy is just going to DIE without her love, ha ha. Oooooh, I can't stand that song. And it's all I hear everywhere I go. And now they've even got a DANCE MIX!!! Yuck.

The words "wound vac" made my skin crawl.