Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Today's cool things

While I desperately want to, I won't comment on American Idol until tomorrow, since I know my thousands of West Coast readers haven't watched it yet. Suffice it to say I am totally shocked.

However, lots of cool things happened today. I had lunch with my mommy at this new panini place in downtown Jackson (Basil's, if anyone's interested - SO GOOD). I bought Drew his birthday present... then subsequently caved and gave it to him. I love giving him presents, and he needed this one. He got a new game for the Gamecube, and has been sitting on the floor or on a dining room chair because the controller cord wouldn't reach the couch. So, I bought him a wireless controller. I hate seeing my poor love sit on the cold, hard tile floor. Can't be comfy on the booty.

So, I was on the phone discussing the utterly shocking American Idol results, and was looking down when I saw bumps rising from my belly. So either I've got an alien in there itchin' to come out, the pizza I made tonight was extraordinarily bad, or Ace is finally strong enough to kick through the many layers of padding keeping him warm. I've been feeling him move for months now, and have been waiting in breathless anticipation for such a time as I can feel him kicking on the outside. I got off the phone, told Drew to come over, and told him to watch my belly. Sure enough, it hopped. Drew didn't see it until the next time, and I told him to put his hand there. I felt Ace kick, and this look of total delight came across Drew's face. He did it again, and Drew started giggling. Now if that's not just totally cool, I don't know what is. Course, I still haven't felt it. For some reason, every time I put my hand on my belly waiting for the kick, it's like he kicks all around my hand. Guess he just likes Daddy best.

Cool thing #2: Storms! Many a storm was a-blowin'! Between 4 and 7 this evening, we had tornado warnings and watches all over this place. Sirens kept going off, too. So, like a big fool, I stood outside watching the clouds spin around each other. I even got a little rotation in the smaller clouds on video, but YouTube hasn't sent me a confirmation e-mail, so you're just going to have to wait for that. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from the relative safety of my front porch (keep in mind, this is at about 5 this afternoon):

Oooooh. Now, most mind baffling of this entire storm... The entire time the clouds looked like this, there was a lady at the end of my street mowing her lawn. Yes, I said mowing her lawn. Tornado sirens are going off, the clouds are spinning around her head, and she's mowing the lawn. She didn't start BEFORE the storm, then got caught in it. She started just as the sky was getting dark. This isn't the first time she'd done it though... I remember several times right before or even during especially bad storms, including Katrina, she decides to mow her lawn. Now, I think it's weird, but someone else may have a reasonable explanation for it. Let me know.

The sun came back out at a little before 7, and it was a beautiful late evening. Also, very cool.


javafoofoo said...

I honestly can say I wasn't really surprises last night; disappointed, yes, surprsied, no. Chris an Kat were the worse ones that night, and though I satnd by Chris being the better performer/singer (watch , he should have a record contract by the end of this week), Kat is a pretty girl. Hence forth, she probably had more fans for that.

My theory on th eold lady; maybe in the past, there has been major weather threats that came toward the area and whenever she mows the lawnprior, your lttle village is spared.You know, she found out one day when she didn't get a chance the mow and major weatehr probs happen. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Melinda Barton said...

What's weird about mowing the lawn during a storm? I don't get it.