Thursday, May 11, 2006

Seriously, rude.

While at Best Buy yesterday, I was in line behind a woman who accepted a phone call in the middle of her transaction. Rude. She made no eye contact with the cashier for the entire transaction. Rude. When the cashier finished bagging, the woman grabbed her bags, still didn't make eye contact with the cashier, didn't say thank you, nothing. RRRRUUUUUDDDEEEE.

I feel I have to make a public service announcement here. Folks, these are human beings checking you out, not robots. They are not your minions. They are people. They have feelings, they have emotions, they like being told "thank you" and "have a nice day" just as much as you do at the end of a transaction. Certainly, many of them can be sullen at times, especially in the Jackson metro area fast food industry, but that gives you no excuse to be rude. The Golden Rule still applies to those in customer service.

Cell phones are not your "get out of socializing with a stranger free" card. If you were standing in a group of your friends, would you ignore them for the rest of your conversation to take a cell phone call? Hardly. You'd excuse yourself, walk away, and THEN take the call. Well, if you're polite, at least. Please, apply this same action when you are in the middle of a transaction with someone else. If you simply must take the call, excuse yourself, then take it.

Also, I know Petsmart allows you to take your dog in. Good for them. Please, please don't leave your dog's gigantic dump in the landscaping in front of Petsmart. Bring bags with you. This is your dog, his dumps are your responsibility, take care of them. While I'm at it, the people who live in the apartment complex near my grandma's, pick up after your dogs too. I couldn't believe the amount of bombs I saw in Grandma's front yard. RRRUUUUDDEEE. In fact, if you're anywhere that's not your backyard, PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG. Disgusting, seriously.


Christine said...

IF I take a call while checking out, it's because I think it might be an emergency (and if it's not, I tell the person I'll call back in five minutes). IF I am on the phone as I approach the cashier, I hang up ASAP and then apologize to the person for being rude.

You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat cashiers, waiters, etc., can't you?

javafoofoo said...

Yes you can. I rad an articles where a few big name companies do their interveis outside th eoffice in restaurants, just to see how the person treats the waiters/waitresses. Brilliant!

shiksa said...

rudeness abounds. and people who don't pick up after their dogs make people who do (like myself) look bad. and who gets yelled at? that's right, those of us who do pick up after their dogs.

Becca said...

You should see the streets in the city! People don't even bother trying to find a patch of grass for their dog, they just let it happen right in front of people's front doors, and don't even pick it up!!!

We found a human bomb in the front lobby of the apartment building one Friday night. Seriously! Bright lights and all. This is an apartment complex RIGHT ON BROADWAY!!! Albeit, without a doorman, obviously. *jerks*