Monday, May 08, 2006

Memory Monday

I miss my goddaughters. I don't call them nearly enough, I haven't sent them presents or candy in entirely too long, and I'm quite sure they're going to forget about me soon. "Auntie who?" they'll say.

So here are a few happy memories of my favorite girls, to tide me over until the next time I can see or talk to them and make new memories.

We took the girls for a walk. At one point, we were walking behind them, and Megan sneezed. This wouldn't be so funny, if she hadn't farted at the same time, then let out this tiny little giggle. Yep, the sneeze-fart. I had to put the brake on the stroller and bend over laughing hysterically. Drew pretty much lost it too. Yeah, we taught Megan a good lesson that day. Farts are funny. Did I mention we're the best godparents EVER?

One of Dani's funniest baby-talks was the way she said "belly" - it came out as "boh-dee." So, once, I tried to give her a crash course in "belly." I poked her in the belly and said "Dani, what's that?" She giggled, and said "BOH-DEE!" I said "belly, that's right!" "Bohdee!" "Belly!" "Biiiig bohdee." "Dani, say bell!" "BELL!" "Say lee!" "LEE!" Say "Bell-lee!" "Bohdee!" Feh. It's her parents' job.

Then there was the Pez and Ashley incident. One day, she chased him to the end of the hallway in our apartment and cornered him, and just started screaming at him. Seriously, she just squatted down, and started screaming. Somewhere in the scream, there was a giggle, so obviously she got some pleasure out of terrifying my cat. I let it go on for about 10 seconds, in which time Pez was giving me an imploring look to make it stop. I couldn't, because Ashley was having such a good time, and wasn't hurting him, just scaring the bejeebers out of him.

And a memory I didn't actually experience, but I have to share anyway:

Terri was watching The Passion of the Christ on Good Friday. Of course, Terri was bawling her eyes out. It doesn't take much, after all, and that movie would make even the most stoic Christian cry. Megan walked up to her mom, hugged her, and said "Don't cry, Mommy, he's alive." (Jeez. I got a tear in my eye just writing that.) So there you go... my 6-year-old goddaughter knows more than most people do, and she comforts her own mother with that knowledge. Are they great or what, folks?


Melinda Barton said...

If you think farts are funny, I reccomend the kids' book "It All Began With a Bean" by Kate McKy. She's a fellow Raw Story columnist. The book is the answer to a child's question about what would happen if everyone farted at once. Unfortunately, there's nothing in it about what would happen if everyone farted at once in space or on a Borg cube.

cncz said...

In interfaith news, I thought I would just mention that Muslims believe that all prophets are still alive, including Jesus.
That's your interfaith happy for today.