Sunday, May 07, 2006


Drew and I went to Kroger today, after having threatened for at least 5 days to do so. It takes a lot to get us to go grocery shopping, especially since I'm so doggone tired all the time and my back hurts if I stand up too long. And my gut's just going to get bigger.

I was turning to go down an aisle, and a kid, trying to run past me at breakneck speed, slammed into me. Drew, being extra protective about his poor widdle pregnant wife, yelled "What a brat!" as I gave the kid the look that I'm sure ingrained itself into my physique the moment my first child was conceived. Kid didn't look back, didn't apologize, nothing.

We moved right along though, and Drew told me that while he was picking out his ground turkey, he saw the kid poking packs of meat until finally, his finger broke through the plastic. His mother said "Did you just poke a hole in one of those?" Kid sullenly said "No" as he continued to poke, but Drew had just watched this kid do it. Terrible.

Drew was telling me this story just as we were headed up to the cashier, so I decided to let her know about it. Instead of greeting us, she complained loudly to her bagger about how much her throat hurt and how much she didn't want to be there and how sick she was.

I broke in as soon as she stopped caterwauling about not being able to talk and let her know that some booger-encrusted child had just poked his finger through a package in the meat department. She instructed her bagger to stop bagging and go find the package, and to tell someone (I'm assuming the butcher) to repackage it. *shudder*

Okay, I know I'm overly germophobic, but a) don't complain about being sick as you're handling my food and b) do not repackage meat that's just been contaminated by a child whose fingers could have been previously poking anything in the known universe. At least don't tell me about either - ignorance is bliss. UGH. Don't reckon I'll be buying beef from Kroger in the next couple of weeks.

Now, I play the "if it were my kid" game. Ace would apologize to the butcher, and pay for the meat out of his own allowance. Ace would apologize to the woman he had just nearly knocked over, and not be allowed to go in public, because if he can't act right, he can't come. Ace would sit in his room for the rest of the night for lying to me. It may be harsh, y'all, but my child will not be running around Kroger acting like a doggone monkey. Uh-uh, no.


Shana said...

You should tell the store manager about what happened. Or, better yet, call the district manager. I hope you got the cashier's name. Because, yes, ewwwwwww.

Christine said...

See, Stacey, YOUR kids won't do that because you'll raise them better. If my girls start running in the store, I'm on them like white on rice because we shop at our Kroger about the same time as the retirement home busses the seniors in. (And it doesn't matter what time of day or which day, I always manage to be in the store when the average customer age is about 122.)

I tell you what, though, I sure do miss Publix. Their produce and meat departments were stellar in Lake Mary, FL, and around here I wind up going to Kroger for most stuff (those gift cards that donate money to our parish help), but I prefer getting meats and produce at Wal Mart. If Publix opened up across town I'd drive thirty minutes one way to shop there. Seriously. All I need is a cooler.

Stacey said...

S - called the store manager, he said no way someone would repackage meat that had been handled by a little boy. It would have been thrown out.

Chris - I feel the exact same way about Whole Foods. I LOVE Whole Foods, like nobody's business. I heard a rumor that one's going to open up in Jackson, and it was the happiest I'd ever been. :) I'd have to drive nearly half an hour to get there, but by golly, I'll go!!

Melinda Barton said...

No, Spiehler of Borg will just assimilate the cashier. hehe

Vicki said...

Yep. That is disgusting. I hope you realize that your child will not do that. Would you really have let him fondle the meat until his finger poked through? No, you wouldn't.

The next time a little punk runs into you like that, send him to me. I'll drop him in the pit! :)

Love You.

Charles_Thomson said...

who is Ace?