Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Again with the fat stuff

Tonight's Law and Order: SVU centered around fat kids. One character said that she was constantly belittled, and then rattled off a list of horrible things people always said to her. For example, "Do you sleep in a crate?" or, "Broken any benches lately?"

I can honestly say that I was just not hated on because I was fat in highschool. It's been almost 10 years since I was a highschool student, and I can remember the 2 people who ever gave me grief for it - their names were Mike, the kid after me alphabetically, and Marc, a kid that lived on my street. There may have been more, but I just don't remember. Either it wasn't that big a deal for me, or things just aren't as bad for fat kids as people think they are.

I'm not going to say that I was prom queen or anything. I didn't sit at the popular table. I never even had a boyfriend. I didn't go to parties that often. I'm going to blame that on a) my parents never letting me do ANYTHING, and b) the fact that I was pretty square (as well as round, nyuk nyuk). I was, however, very outgoing and friendly with people, and had friends among nearly every crowd. Is there something I'm missing here? Is it really that bad for most fat kids, and I just didn't hear any of it?

Speaking of fat things, I saw Pez watch a gigantic spider crawl right in front of him. When it got close enough to me, I killed it. While I was coming down from the heebie-jeebies, THAT'S when my chubby kitty came over and started batting the spider carcass around. Useless, I tell you. Cute, but useless.

Speaking of phat talent, Taylor was AWESOME tonight - I'm telling you, y'all had better be voting for him...


hostagirl said...

I just happened to come across your blog tonight and I want to tell you that I enjoyed your posts a lot. Good luck with the cat, and enjoy every moment of your child. They grow faster than you can imagine!!

Waterfall said...

It was a pretty good Law and Order, though. Though I'm quite relieved that Benson's not going away.

(Gosh, I sound like a Law and Order addict...)

Stacey said...

Cuz'n Waterfall - I think that these are the episodes that were filmed with little to no Mariska Hargitay because she was noticeably pregnant. If you'll notice, all of the shots of her are from the chest up, or from the side with a big jacket. I think she just had her baby, so I'm sure Benson and Stabler will be back together soon. I just would like to see their dynamic NOT spoiled by a hokey romance.

Dyno-Man said...

If I'd have gone to your High School, I'd have asked you out.

It's like Sir Mix-A-Lot used to say:

"To the bean poles in the magazines, you ain't it Miss Thing"