Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Get this.

So here's what I don't get. CSI: Miami and CSI: NY are both written by the same people, according to imdb.com. They're produced by the same people. I can't seem to find the directors, but I'm assuming they're the same. So why is CSI: Miami so horrible and CSI: NY just so doggone great? I mean, beyond the fact that CSI: NY has Carmine Giovinazzo. David Caruso has to be one of the worst actors I've ever seen in my life, yet he's got the lead in a very popular show. And his character fixin' to marry one of the hottest chicks ever. I say somebody lost a bet, and David Caruso was the consequence. Whatever happened, he's awful. Why does he always talk like Batman? I'm on the verge of quitting this show.

Here's what I do get. Y'all had better vote for Taylor Hicks tonight. I'm pretty much heartbroken - I actually like everyone else equally, and every week from here on is going to be hard on me. But so help me, if Taylor does go, I'm gonna hunt everyone down that didn't vote for him and... make them give me a dollar. If they don't, no big deal. Y'all KNOW he's the best. Okay, maybe not the best voice - that'd be Elliott and you know it - but Taylor's still the best.

I'm still holding a little grudge against y'all that Mandisa's not still there. Although you've redeemed yourself by kicking off Ace "K-Fed" Young and Kellie "Mink" Pickler.

I am never, ever watching American Idol again after this season. I have already brought my poor husband and mother down to my level, and I'm having dreams about hanging out with the contestants.


Becca said...

Heh heh. I haven't seen one episode all season! ;-)

A lot of my friends are saying to vote for Taylor Hicks so you're not alone. I think the majority of people I know like him. Maybe he'll win.

I don't even know how he sounds, ha ha.

Terri said...

I am with you on Mandisa. What a shocker.

However... I am voting for Chris. Elliot just bugs me and Taylor Hicks although he has a great voice is a little too out there for me.

Good luck! Love ya!

Surviving said...

I don't like CSI: Miami that much either. I had to laugh at your batman comment. It is so very true!!

Crawdaddy79 said...

CSI Miami is probably one of the worst high budget shows to ever hit the tv screens.

But then again I don't like any "detective show" where they play techno music while they do their fingerprint finding.

Becca said...

I was getting ready for work this morning, listening to the televised feed of Good Day New York, and they started re-capping last night's American Idol competition. I wasn't really paying attention, I mean, I heard singing but it wasn't anything that caught my attention all the way. But then I heard a REALLY GOOD VOICE and I ran out into the living room, and it was your boy Taylor. Heh. Hey I like his voice!

So I can't vote, but I hope he does well. :)

Melinda Barton said...

Yeah, I could so beat them all. I AM THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL, BABY!
Oh... Wait, I'm too old! Pout.

Vicki said...

Park Ranger: Why aren't the ducks here?

Caruso: Because they.......have gone........somewhere else.

Oh, he wears me out! I gave it up. I just couldn't stand the drama of him speaking. :)

PS: Go Chris! We want a rocker for a change.