Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yo momma!

Has anybody watched the new show on MTV called "Yo Momma?" It's a show for trash talkers hosted by Wilmer Valderrrammaalalaahmmmaaaadingdong. It's just hilarious, if a little raunchy at times.

Drew and I were watching a few nights ago, and Wilmer ended the show with "We're coming to your hood next!" I said "Brandon, Miss'ippi! Naw! Yer mama's so stupid, she prolly thought the northerners shoulda won the War of Northern Aggression!" Drew naturally joined in... "Yer mama's so stupid, she thinks gravy's made with tomaters!" "Your mama's so ugly, her cuz'n wouldn't even marry 'er!" "Yer mama's so poor, she only shops at Wal Mart twice't a week!" "Yer mama's so stupid, she dun't even have any Earnhardt stickers on 'er car!"

After a few minutes, Drew just took it to the dark side. He started busting out nerdy your mamas, but I can't remember any of them, and neither can he. Suffice it to say, Dungeons and Dragons was mentioned once or twice.

So, if "Yo Momma" came to your hood, what would the jokes be?


Waterfall said...

That is hysterical. I'll have to think about the "yo mommas" for awhile ...

Dyno-Man said...

Ya mama's so cheap, she got a glass eye with a fish in it.

Ya mama's so nappy, her fro has a chin strap

Ya mama's so fat, she gets her checkup at 5-minute Oil Change

Ya mama's so fat the last time she wore yellow a couple brothers kept trying to jump on her. Thought she was a yellow cab.

Ya mama's so dumb, she thought you had to study for a pregnancy test.

All for now..