Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh, how I've missed you.

My computer is returned! Like a prodigal son, he has come back to me! No longer must I suffer the unbearable incompetence that is dialup, for now my broadband capabilities are no further away than a mere click of my mouse! The Lord be praised!

Alright, alright, enough with the melodramatics. The facts:

1. Sent off the computer to Michigan (??!??) to get the power supply fixed. Guy fixes it within a week.
2. Guy sends computer back, without the cord. (Duuuuhhhhh.)
3. Called guy, received apologies, says he'll send the cord. Week and a half pass, no cord.
4. Called guy, received apologies, says he sent the cord to someone else on accident, he'll order and send new cord. Week and a half pass, no cord.
5. Call guy, says HP sent the cord to him instead of us, he'll send it to us. It'll be here Tuesday.
6. Tuesday comes. No cord.
7. Call guy. No guy.
8. Wednesday comes. No cord. Thursday comes. No cord. Called guy, still no guy.
9. Friday comes. Cord.
10. Don't think power supply is fixed. Been on AC power for at least 8 hours, battery still only 3% charged. Paid nearly $200 for a giant hassle, and no fix. (Okay, okay, at least the computer comes on. It had stopped doing that.) I could be wrong. I never understood what was wrong with it in the first place.
11. Drew's final and term paper are due in a week. We haven't balanced the checkbook in a month and a half. Can't do this stuff without OUR computer.
12. Gonna start looking up prices on backup computers. Can't lose this one again.
13. Never gonna let a yankee touch my computer again.
14. Yes, I know I'm a yankee. I've actually dropped this thing, cracked the hard drive, nearly lost all my pictures. We simply cannot be trusted.


Dyno-Man said...

Heck with a backup. Demote your starter and get an iBook. Check e'm out.

javafoofoo said...

Amen to that! Gawd, how I LOVE my ibook! Never had a problem with it and you would love it!

Melinda Barton said...

Yeah, yankees is soooo dumb! And they is rude, too.

cncz said...

i have to say, for all my talk about acceptance and multiculturalism and heck, i even married an arab, but man am I racist towards Yankees. They drive me nuts. Must be the Ole Miss in me.