Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ringo and Catholics

(Interesting post title, since Ringo IS Catholic...)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINGO!!! I hope it's great!!

One thing I love about the Catholic faith (to which I don't belong) is that they do Easter right, no lie. They are just about the only denomination that I know of that seriously treats the holiday with the reverence and sanctity it deserves. I went to an Easter vigil once in Philadelphia, and it was pretty much awesome.

I'm not talking sunrise services (snore) and a pot luck here. I'm talking a whole week - nay, a whole month and a half - dedicated to the most important day in the year. Go check out my friend Catholic Christine's blog for a good overview of Holy Week.

Go Catholics!


Christine said...

Thanks for the link, Stacey, and happy Easter!

Melinda Barton said...

Okay, maybe the Catholics are best at Easter. But NOBODY does Passover like the Jews! We've really got the whole thing down pat.