Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh, America.

America, I have lost faith in you. All faith. It was bad enough when you voted TWICE to make Dubya president. That almost broke me. (Although, admittedly, I liked the man before the war on Afghanistan Iraq terror.)

But Bucky before Ace?

Mandisa before Kellie?

At least Elliot's still there. I'd have moved to Canada if he had gone tonight.

Vote for Taylor! Stick with Hicks!


Dyno-Man said...

Girl I'm with you..there's some kind of conspiracy afoot. Y'know the people who vote for Kelly still use those old style "dial" phones, so every vote for her turned into 10 with all that clickclickclick jazz.

javafoofoo said...

Now even though I've only saw him perform, um, three times (?), me a chris fan. GO CHRIS!!

Though I agree with you on the Mandisa front (not the Bucky, though.) I was totally shocked to see her booted; I thought she would at least make it to the final four.

BTW, good opening. I was getting all ready for a patriotic/pollitical rant, but instead it was all about the Idol, baby!