Monday, March 20, 2006

Yeah, I'm grumpy.

I had a McWorker argue with me over a hash brown this morning. Look, toots, you made a mistake, I don't have a hash brown. No, it doesn't say "hash brown" on my receipt, it says "SEC MCGRDL ML." I don't speak the McLanguage fluently, but I'm pretty sure that means "sausage egg cheese mcgriddle meal." I'm also pretty sure one SEC MCGRDL doesn't cost nearly 4 bucks. Just give me my freakin' hash brown. It's subtle salty crunchiness complements the SEC MCGRDL very well. No, thank YOU. Are you always this friendly? I'm just as grumpy as you are, except I had to drop my husband off at the airport because he's going to be gone for a week, and I said "please" and "thank you." What's your excuse? You think I'd walk into a McDonald's at 5:30 in the morning in slippers and no bra if I didn't pay for the hash brown? I certainly didn't want to re-encounter your McAttitude.

(For the record, I was indeed very polite to the woman, and not in the snotty polite way. I didn't even roll my eyes when she chucked a hash brown at me and didn't make any kind of apology for her mistake.)

Sigh. Sometimes I can understand why people are rude to fast-food workers. I have rarely, and I mean RARELY, been treated with the respect I give. You get what you give, folks. Unless you're a customer.

So I get treated like a huge (pyjama clad) dummy over a 5 cent hash brown, but Wal-Mart will give people store credit for the fat they cut off their meat. Huh.


Sharon said...

LOL! The
Yea, I can relate, only I am on the other end. I work p/t at CVS in a, shall I say, less than desireable neighborhood. SOME good people, but lots of white trash.

But being rasied I was taught manners and how to treat people w/ respect, so I try in my job.
But I get so ticked when i am being polite and some customer comes causing a scene as if I alone decided a price to charge them and deliberatley ripped them off. Yes, mam, that's right- I woke up today just to piss you off and charge you that extra 20 cents on something you don't even need!!!! It's worse when it's people on foodstamps...many come in relying on the gvt. to pay for their food, and then they turn around and pay cash for cigs., etc., "with their own $".
Customers can be bad, too. :(

Wow. This is too long. Sorry. Hope you have a better rest of the day! :)

shiksa said...

Rudeness is a nation-wide epidemic. Remind me to tell you sometime about a woman who tried to pick a fight with me on the T...

Christine said...

You know, I have noticed that fast food restaurants, even ones like McD's who used to be famous for being friendly to customers and fast, have completely lost all customer service skills they once had. Our local McD's has slow service, were out of the advertised toys (and yet Strawberry Shortcake was in the display case!), and often are just plain surly. The one I used to go to in Florida often got my order wrong, left out toys (this is a big one around where I live now, too), and I once waited five minutes in the drive through while being ignored and then went inside and waited another twenty minutes before I could get waited on. And one guy was mopping the floor while six people waited in line. When he was finished (leisurely pace, natch), he nonchalantly walked up to the counter and waited on one of the last two parties.

Sometimes, when we're out, it's just faster to go to Friday's or O'Charlie's than it is to go to McDonald's or BK. The one exception around here seems to be the Chick-Fil-A. They are still on the ball and relatively quick. I say relatively because it's so dang CROWDED there all the time that you have to wait. But it's worth it when the girls at the register smile and say please and thank you and your food comes out right.

Long comments seem to be the trend here, Stacey. Hope the rest of your week goes better. The travelling hubby thing stinks sometimes, doesn't it? :(