Friday, March 17, 2006

Abortionists are number one!

(Stolen from Christine)

That'll be a Mississippi abortionist soon! I can't wait till they're all out of work.

Of course, I'm not one of those who believes that outlawing abortion will solve everything. I'd still much rather see women not feel they have to choose between college/work/deadbeat dads that the government refuses to track and their natural biological processes. But I'm working for that, and I wish everyone else would too. Till then, I'd like to see the end of the constant abortion of "unwanted" babies. Seems to me that the easier it is to be irresponsible, the more people will be irresponsible.

P.S. It's Natchez day!

P.P.S. To the other Christine, I know you tagged me for a car meme, but I'm feeling a little shy since you posted your sweet ride. I had a '94 Sentra. How are you going to show me up then ask me to respond?

P.P.P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

So instead of worrying about whether or not to get an abortion,a woman has to worry about wether or not to get an illegal abortion and worry about the risk of possible death. Not only that the child may have to grow up in a home where he or she was never wanted int he first place. Growing up emotionally beaten every day. I personally could never have an abortion based on moral reasons but I don't agree with forcing morals on people through law.

Sharon said...

" I personally could never have an abortion based on moral reasons but I don't agree with forcing morals on people through law."

It's not forcing morals, it's protecting life. The unborn can't practice self-defense, so they need US to do it for them.
Unfortunately, many people only see it as forcing morals; they also see the unborn as NOT people.

Having been emotionally beaten growing up, wouldn't you want to fight to end abuse? And what is the most extreme form of child abuse? ABORTION.

Sharon said...

BTW, the entire reason I came to comment...I enjoyed your post. And the cartoon is great.
I think this is the best form of unemployment...hope it continues. :)

cncz said...

see, stacey, that is where I agree with you. Abortion shouldn't be the answer to deadbeat dads, college, gainful employment and whatever...if the US is going to outlaw abortion state by state, then they need to put the appropriate programs in place to take care of women who find themselves in positions where abortion would have hitherto been an option, because let's face it,even if it takes two to tango, men just move on. Pro-choice now, I would be a flag-waving pro-lifer if I believed that this country was doing something besides saying "abortion is bad" and then not doing much else. It isn't just about abortion, it is about what we are doing for young girls in this society. ok going to stop hogging your inbox now.

Stacey said...

Anonymous -

I'm sorry you didn't feel you could leave your name here. But think honestly about it - most laws ARE based on morality. The law against murder is based on morality, and excuse the emotional argument (I like avoiding these) but abortion IS murder. Sure, you can't see the person, but it's still a person being murdered. Also, I have met a lot of women in crisis pregnancy situations. I have met a lot of women with "unwanted" babies. I have never met a woman who regretted keeping her baby. I have met dozens of women who have regretted aborting. What does that say to you?

And cncz -

You can still be a flag-waving pro-lifer and be embarassed by other pro-lifers. Lord knows I am, every single day. Don't get me started on the people waving around pictures of dead fetuses.

O! said...

Yeah, this is a few days after the post but I want to commend you on it as well. I totally agree that I would enact a change of hearts than a change of law than the other way around...still, so long as abortion is law, the FACTS and most importantly, the TRUTH is being abused. As soon as people look at the abortion issue objectively, it will be seen as the wrong it is and we will have BOTH the change of hearts and the change of law.

I don't wave around pictures of dead fetuses because it SHOULDN'T take something that graphic for people to open their eyes and hearts. But I am totally against HIDING the reality of this. There's a place for showing the pictures...and there's a place not to.

I don't think that showing the pictures of these murdered human beings is a violation to them so long as the intention is to honor their lives by motivating others to respect life.