Thursday, February 02, 2006

Spot the Spiehler cats

Where are our cats?

Are they playing with their toys, or sitting in their kitty condo?

Hmmm, no.

Are they in their favorite beds in their bedroom?

Guess not.

Are they in their favorite bed at the foot of our bed?

Nope. Well, I wonder where they are?

THERE they are! Snuggled up in our clean laundry, which I had to leave for less than 5 minutes to start another load. Little boogers.


shiksa said...

my mom and dad had cats when they were first married. apparently, one of them liked to lay in the middle of a bed while it was being made and then wriggle his way out. and I think Dax used to actually sleep in the dirty laundry basket. cats are weird.

cncz said...

my white cats had a deep love for CLEAN, BLACK laundry. Dirty laundry or clean white laundry was just not good enough. It had to be black so that they could leave their fur all over it. And clean black laundry on the bed? THe highlight of their year.