Saturday, February 04, 2006

Communication is the key to marriage.

Thursday night, I was watching The O.C. when Drew came home from class. He watched the last ten minutes or so with me, after which (because I recognize no conversation while The O.C. is on) the following conversation occurred.

Drew - "Who's Johnny?"
Me - *sigh* "I don't do this to you. I wouldn't ask you to explain the last 8 episodes of Battlestar Galactica."
Drew - "That's because you don't care about Battlestar Galactica. I care who Johnny is."
Me - *sigh* "Okay, but I'm blogging about this." *explains the last 8 episodes of The O.C. over a good 5 minute period, because I couldn't just say in a few words who Johnny actually was without explaining some back story* "Okay?"
Drew - *comes back from the dead* "You could have just said he's a guy that Marisa met at her new school and he fell in love with her."
Me - "It's WAY more complicated than that! You have to consider Ryan's feelings and Caitlin's involvement!"
Drew - "Mmmm."

Drew told me yesterday that he wants to invest some money in silver. I generally let him handle the investments, although he always consults me first because the investments are in the thousands. I asked why silver, since I know he likes investing in gold so much. Instead of just telling me that he feels that silver might be a good investment into the following months, he goes into this long spiel about Iran and borscht and war and Bush and... yeah, I don't know. I was seeing how many times I could wrap a ponytail holder around a butterfly clip. I thought that my continual changes of subject would clue him in that I wasn't really concentrating, but he powered on. I don't know what borscht has to do with silver, but he seems convinced, and he's rarely wrong when it comes to investments.

Yes, communication is the key to marriage, but tuning your spouse out on occasion is the key to sanity.


javafoofoo said...

So are you telling us that we should invest in silver?


cncz said...

it is somewhat easier for me as Nice Husband tends to rant in a language other than English, so if he ever suspects me of not listening, I can plead the "but I didn't understand, honey, say it again" route

Drew said...

Huh? I'm sorry, I wasn't listening.