Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bust out your dream books

It's time for another episode of Stacey's weird dreams.

I won't detail them all, but suffice it to say that people from my past have been showing up a lot in my dreams. Last night, it was a bunch of people from highschool. The night before last, it was a guy I met at a party at UNO. The night before that, I was training an old friend at a job where I was temping, but he was wearing a tuxedo top (jacket, shirt, bowtie) and swimming shorts.

My Louisiana friends (Dave, Rob, Andy, Angie) and my husband (Drew) generally show up in all of these but it's just strange that I'm having somewhat of a theme. I have had scarily accurate premonition dreams in the past and I'm wondering if I'm going to see someone from my distant past at some point.

I love seeing people from highschool, because even though I've gained a thousand pounds since I graduated, I love seeing how people are, what they're doing with their lives, if they're still the same loser/nice person they were. I hope that's it. I definitely hope I don't see the friend in the tuxedo and it'd be uncomfortable for reasons I won't detail here to see the guy I met at the party.

In other news, yay for the Hornets coming back to New Orleans in 2007!

In other news, boo to the Hornets not coming back to New Orleans until 2007! (One of my favorite people ever works for the team and has been stranded in Oklahoma City since Katrina, living in a hotel, not seeing his wife but once a month or so. I can't stand the thought that he'll be out there for another year.) Double boo to the Hornets for calling themselves the "Oklahoma City/New Orleans Hornets!" Traitors. Doesn't anyone have any pride anymore?


Melinda Barton said...

You don't dream about me? Damn, you see, I move away and everyone else gets the good roles in Stacey dreams and I can't even get a walk-on part. Dammit!

Charles_Thomson said...

Poor Melinda ...

Charles_Thomson said...

I had a dream not to long ago that all of our friends play Laser Tag. Does that place still open.

Well, I hope the Hornets will come back soon. New Orleans Voodoo is no longer exit as well. I bet Ronnie is piss off.