Saturday, January 21, 2006


Nimbus has gone missing. Drew let him out at about 11 last night, and it's now nearly 6pm and he hasn't come back. My best hope is that he was picked up by someone who thought he was a stray and that person brought him in and fed him, and eventually he will bug the snot out of that person just like he does us to be let out immediately, and he'll come back home. Or, someone brought him to a local vet's office as a stray. We've driven around the neighborhood twice to no avail, and to a nearby apartment complex.

I'm off to make some fliers, although I've never seen an instance of those helping. I'll call some local vets on Monday.

Stupid low-quality collars. He could get out of anything. I should have put a chain around his neck with his tags on it.

EDIT: In true Spiehler cat fashion, he came waltzing back into the house less than 10 minutes after I wrote this. Drew and I are now cursing him while feeding him treats. Ahh, the power of blogger. I should write a post about how I lost that million dollars.


javafoofoo said...

Words of wisdom: Don't fret...yet.

Cats do have a tendency to roam. LB and BB (god bless their kitty souls) use to disappear for days at a time. Especially LB; he once was roaming for a little over a week!

It freaked the family out, but alas, they would reappear. Nimbus could be just having a little extra feline fun!

Either way, best wishes for his adorable little face to reappear! XOXO

shiksa said...

Your cats trip me out. I'm very lucky that Sam is not smart enough to roam too far from his food dish. Read: if we're lucky, he leaves the living room.

cncz said...

but i would have thought you didn't want nimbus to come back. is it a love hate thing?

did i ever tell you about my husband and his lecture about not letting my cats out? he told me in a really solemn voice not to let them "taste the freedom of the hallway".

Terri Pedrino said...

Although your cat is back, please know that fliers work. When I lived in South Carolina I had a ferret named Snoopy. He snuck out of the house and I couldn't find him. I decided to put an ad in the newspaper. Can you believe that someone found him 15 miles away? I got him back in 2 days.
There is always hope!