Saturday, September 10, 2005


I let Pez out in the backyard earlier tonight, probably around 7-ish. I went out to check on him several times, but he was missing at around 9. I went out to look for him, Drew went out to look for him, and then we did a huge sweep of the neighborhood at 1. It's now nearly 4am. My cat has not come back home yet. I'm losing my mind and I'm absolutely sick with worry. I'm supposed to drive my grandma to Alabama tomorrow but I won't be able to sleep until I know where my child is. He would have come home for food already, he hasn't eaten in 7 hours! I know he's too dumb to find his way back home, I just know it. I am going to go crazy if I don't find my cat... all I can think of is him out there scared instead of sleeping on his back on my bath mat.

I've let him in the backyard dozens of times. I spent forever building up dirt in areas where he could have gotten under, never thinking once that he could possibly jump a fence. He's 16 pounds, for goodness' sakes, surely he can't haul himself over the


Oh, now there's a deep sigh of relief. Little jerk. Okay, now I'm so relieved that I'm crying. I'm going to bed now. Not before I give him a million treats. Ohh, thank you Lord. Thank you Lord.

Okay. Treats. Sleep. Punish little booger in the morning... with more treats. Barbed wire around top of fence. Must sleep. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord.


shiksa said...

Totally typical. Sam disappeared on me once and I just about lost my mind. And then he came trotting back as if nothing had happened. Animals. Nuts.

cncz said...

wesh is such white trash (he is a white cat, ok)...he looks like the fancy feast cat and will bolt out of the house to the nearest patch of mud and wallow in it (maybe he has psoriasis?). I used to bug out when he went outside until I realized that I had only to look for the dirtiest, muddiest, stinkiest spot possible in the yard and he would be there, rolling around.

cncz said...

i am so glad you called me when you were dealing with cat trauma btw, i feel loved.

shiksa said...

backtracking- I think it's hilarious that DP's cat rolls in mud. sam will find something either dead or decaying and proceed to circle so he can get the proper angle for rubbing his head in it. GROSS